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Hardcore bosses help out, and live broadcast benefits are provided non-stop! "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance", which is officially authorized by NEXON and can be played with one hand, will start its official live broadcast at 19:00 on January 23rd. At that time, the master of MapleStory terminal game – the top phantom player of the Chinese server will poke C and Korean server The top player on the list will also airborne in the live broadcast room to bring you a wonderful showdown! Special guest Feng Timo will also appear in the live broadcast room to bring a mysterious surprise!

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The two PC game masters invited for this live broadcast – Tie C and veteran adventurers must be very familiar with them. During the live broadcast, they will not only tell everyone their own stories with MapleStory, but also share the game highlights of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" , there will also be a friendly match between Chinese and Korean players in the live broadcast through the "3v3 Masked Party" gameplay.

[In the PK competition, everyone shows off their talents, who can win the championship is full of suspense]

The two guests will serve as captains and lead their respective teams to compete together! "3v3 Masker Party" adopts a fully fair value system. All participating members will equalize the equipment level gap. Teamwork and individual operation are the only keys to winning the game! The two masters are about to show off their talents, adventurers don’t miss it!

Both pokeC and MapleStory are master-level players in MapleStory. As the strongest phantom in the Chinese server, pokeC has extremely superb operating skills and has won the first kill record of many epic bosses. He also pays more attention to the research of game equipment and data. Create many genres that are both practical and powerful! The powerful collision between the two top gods made this PK match full of excitement!

The two master players specialize in different fields! Tie C is better at operations, using his body skills and precise skills to release clearance dungeons, and he is better at using his understanding of equipment and versions to use routines to win. This friendly match between the two players can be said to be between the technical flow and the equipment flow. The friendly exchanges between players were also a highlight of this showdown. Before the game, both sides also expressed their confidence in winning the game, adding suspense to the game.

Interested adventurers must remember to watch the live broadcast of the competition on time at 19:00 on the evening of January 23. In addition to interacting with idols, they can also receive attractive benefits such as official peripherals and game gift packs.

[The number of reservations continues to soar, and generous gifts are endlessly enjoyed]

Be the first to make a reservation to get all the resources for migo live recharge , and debut directly in the C position on the day you land on the island! While looking forward to the live broadcast of the master PK, adventurers should not forget to go to the official website of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" to make a game reservation. If you successfully make a reservation, you can receive generous in-game prop rewards such as Zakun suits, wings, avatar frames, and SSR pets.

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In addition to reservation rewards, the official has also launched many activities full of benefits to help adventurers easily land on the island! [Island Adventure Supplies Lucky Draw] Directly give away gifts such as DJI, concert tickets, etc.! In-game benefits such as Pink Bean fashions, Star and Moon Stones, and UR pets are also given away at your request, which is full of pride!

Not only the game will land on the island, but reality will also give you the island! [Seven Pets Treasure Hunt Adventure] Find out about the ultimate prize of a luxury trip for two to a private island in the Maldives! No threshold is required, just make a reservation and have the opportunity to sit on a private yacht and enjoy the blue sea and sky! There are also Zakun weapons and limited avatar frames to help you become the most beautiful kid in the game!

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Be the first to form a group and you can unlock more than 5,400 yuan in growth funds! [Pre-created group activity] Enjoy endless cash gifts, make a reservation to form a group, invite friends to join and complete tasks, limited fashion, massive red diamonds, star and moon stones, and tailor’s magic wand are waiting for you! Knock on the blackboard! No threshold to participate!

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The most important one is of course the [Golden Mushroom Cup Million Bounty Competition]. Getting rich overnight is no longer a dream! This is an activity specially opened by "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" for players who love PVP gameplay. Whether it is 1V1, 3V3, or 30V30, you can participate in sharing millions of cash top up lol wild rift . The maximum single player can Exclusively enjoy 40,000 rewards!

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[Pre-download to seize the opportunity and increase the intensity first]

For experienced adventurers, the sooner you enter the game, the more advantages you will naturally gain! The game will be available for pre-download on January 23. Adventurers can download the game in advance. When the game officially opens for public beta at 10:00 on January 24, they will be the first to win more gifts!

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