The 24S1 Season (New Year Carnival) Of "Speed&

The 24S1 season of "Speed" [New Year Carnival] starts at a high speed on January 18th! The opening jackpot, legendary new cars, new tracks, ushering in a new racing year; new clothing, new kits, new rewards to help everyone A driver's dream comes true!

The 24S1 season has started, and a total of 256 draws will be given away throughout the season.

To celebrate the start of a new season of "Apex Speed", "Apex Speed" will give drivers a total of 256 season jackpot red envelopes! From January 18th to March 6th, during the entire 24S1 season, drivers will receive mico recarga every day Everyone can receive a free draw! From January 18th to January 20th, the first three days after the start of the 2024 S1 season, the free draw every day will be upgraded to ten free draws every day! From February 5th to February 24th, that is On the 26th of the twelfth lunar month ~ Lantern Festival, one free draw per day for 20 consecutive days will be upgraded to ten free draws per day! The peak speed and luxurious new year opening ceremony must be filled up!

The new car enters the new racing year, with new and updated kits and a new style

The legendary car in the performance group – McLaren 570S Coupe '16, the legendary car in the sports group – the Western Shark – Chevrolet C3 '73 is new for a limited time, the new contract car – Chevrolet ZL1 1LE '19 is now available, and the legendary car in the extreme group The Nordic ghost – Koenigsegg Agera RS '15 is back with a bang, and the legendary sports car Fiat 500F '65, a smart and compact sports car, is available for free! The new cars of the season are all honking, and we are heading into the new racing year with high spirits!

New clothes for the new racing year, there are also Koenigsegg Agera RS '15 "custom-level" package "Dragon Yuxuan Di Lingze", McLaren 570S Coupe '16 "custom-level" package "Capo Dazzling Neon" ", Chevrolet ZL1 1LE '19 "Custom-level" kit "Rock Demon" brand new kit makes a shocking debut!

McLaren 570S Coupe '16 (new car at Pinnacle Auto Show)

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What will be given in the peak game_How much peak energy will be given in the beginning of the season’/>

Chevrolet C3 '73 (new car at Pinnacle Auto Show)

Fiat 500F '65 (Free at every assembly event in Fiat)

Koenigsegg Agera RS '15 (return to the Peak Auto Show for a limited time)

Koenigsegg Agera RS '15 "Customized" package "Dragon Yuxuan Di Lingze"

McLaren 570S Coupe '16 "Custom Level" Package "Capo Dazzling Neon"

What will be given in the peak game_How much peak energy will be given in the beginning of the season_

Chevrolet ZL1 1LE '19 "Custom Level" Kit "Rock Devil"

The legendary car enters the scene quickly and collects the parts "Fei" Fan to assemble.

Log in to Peak Speed ​​from January 18th to March 7th, participate in ranked mode and defeat designated opponents to obtain random vehicle parts. Collect a total of 32 vehicle parts including chassis, body, engine, and kit to receive the legendary sports car Fiat 500F '65 and the vehicle limited package "Roman Holiday"! Drivers can also exchange parts, and friends can help each other to shorten the time. Collect earlier to get your favorite rewards! Get a new car for free and celebrate the New Year together!

Fiat 500F '65 Limited Package "Roman Holiday"

Chongqing circuit goes online, the magical fog city opens the new year of cyberspace

What will be given in the peak game_How much peak energy will be given in the beginning of the season_

"Peak Speed" Chongqing Circuit is about to debut, including a total of 5 new tracks. Drivers will start cyber racing on the streets of Chongqing with a strong New Year atmosphere! Whether it is the brightly lit Hongya Cave, the Jiefang Monument or the distant sky The rising dragon and magnificent fireworks, the exciting continuous curves and the height difference that brings the ultimate pleasure can all make you feel the unique charm of the mountain city and the foggy city! Chongqing track challenge – [Dragon's appearance] will also be launched as scheduled. , complete training to receive diamond rewards and unlock limited decals, Chongqing hotpot car roof decorations and other rewards. Let us unleash our passion in magical Chongqing and race to welcome the New Year!

[Competition Year] The system is online to help rankings reach a new level

A new year brings a new atmosphere. In the new year, Peak Speed ​​will also usher in a new reward system [Competition Year]. 2024 is our new starting point. The new season will be officially renamed 24S1. This competition year will include 8 seasons. As long as drivers complete a certain number of qualifying races in each season and reach the designated rank, they can earn points for the year and receive value-for-money rewards for the corresponding rank. Lots of diamonds, tons of parts, and even the legendary Jaguar F-Type 7 '16 and its full-level ECU, body kits, and special fashions are waiting for you!

New style of fashion, become a fashionista in the racing circle

Peak Speed ​​has also fully upgraded the dress-up function in the new season. Drivers can freely match the fashion parts they already own. Not only can they change clothes and hairstyles at will, but there are also brand-new socks parts, allowing you to show off your unique style! Likewise , you can also buy your favorite parts as needed when buying fashion, but remember that buying the whole set is more cost-effective!

The 24S1 season [New Year Carnival] is in full swing! "Peak Speed" wishes the drivers to start a speedy journey in the new racing year and reach the top of the car. More new season benefits and event information will be detailed on mico regharg , so stay tuned for follow-up news!






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