A New Version Of Spring Outing "Fly Dragon Knight&q

During the Qingming Festival, go outing and break the willows. From April 2nd to April 25th, the new version of "Fly Dragon Knight" spring outing is opened, with the powerful poisonous dragon [Medea] and the new combat skill charged cannon dragon [Alix] Hunt for treasure together in the bamboo forest and exchange for rich dragon crystals!

Log in now to receive SSR Charged Cannon Thunder Dragon Alex for free! In addition, limited-time outing activities, new dream chapters, and boss expeditions will also be available in the new version.

The new combat skill Charged Cannon Dragon: "Mechanical Special Forces" – "Thunder Dragon" Alex is given for free!

Collection time: After the update on April 2nd – 6:00 on April 15th

How to get it: Sign in in the game to get the core treasure [Super Electric Energy Cannon], get the [Tree of Life] via in-game email

As a mechanical warrior produced by the Kingdom of Light, Alex is suitable for fighting in combat environments with less absorbable barrages. She prefers the direction of single-target output and causes high beheading damage to enemies through [Counting Explosion]. Her sustained hit charged cannon quickly superimposes the [Explosive Shot] effect, which can increase the damage of the charged cannon's combat skills and the flight speed of the charged cannon. During the counting time, hit as many charged cannons as possible, causing high [counting explosion] damage at the end of the time (considered as charged cannon damage).

Powerful Spin Ball Poison Dragon: UR "Sweet Crazy Love" – ​​Medea limited time reissue!

(Card pool time: 15:00 on April 2-15:00 on April 25)

As a well-known potion master, Medea is suitable for combat environments with few absorbable barrages. She uses the damage of [Poison Potion] (spin ball) and the [Destruction] it applies to deal a double blow to the enemy. By throwing [Toxic Potion] remotely, Medea can continue to output the enemy from a safe position. Medea regularly uses the talent [Witch's Redemption] to detonate [Destruction] and recover [Poison Value], and then consumes [ Poison Value] Make [Poisonous Potion] so that you can use [Poisonous Potion] to attack the enemy non-stop.

Limited time event: Go on a spring outing and collect willow branches to redeem rewards

(Activity time: after update on April 2nd – 6:00 on April 15th)

Travel preparation: check in every day to receive prizes

During the event, if you sign in on the first day, you can receive SSR Transformation Alex’s core treasure "Super Electric Energy Cannon Fragments*60"! If you sign in cumulatively, you can also get rewards such as "fresh willow branches", God's Prayer Stone, physical strength, and sweep tickets!

Collect willow branches: limited time drops in gameplay

During the event, "Fresh Willow Branches" can be dropped by challenging the main storyline and clearing ancient secret realms/forgotten battlefields. Please note:

※There is an upper limit on the number of "Fresh Willow Branches" dropped by different gameplays! Once exceeded, you will no longer be able to obtain it.

Spring Outing Challenge: Activity Tasks

Set "Daily Challenges" and "Advanced Challenges" and complete corresponding tasks to obtain "Fresh Willow Branches":

※Daily challenges will be refreshed and reset at 6:00 every day

※No refresh during the high-level challenge event

Outing treasure hunt: activity store

Use "fresh willow branches" to hunt for higgs domino topup , and have a chance to obtain precious rewards such as "Dragon God's Crown", "Epic Weapon Meteor Iron", "God's Prayer Stone" and other rich props and materials!

【Game Rules】

1. Use "fresh willow branches" to hunt for treasure. The rewards that have been found will not be put back until all the rewards are found.

2. The amount of "fresh willow branches" consumed for each treasure hunt increases.

3. You can click [Remaining Rewards] on the interface to learn about the current reward acquisition and remaining rewards.

Dream Chapter 4: "Under the Feast" opens!

The origins of the Night Family date back to before the founding of the Shadowlands.

The numerous achievements of our ancestors have created brilliant glory, but also attracted the jealousy and covetousness of countless enemies.

According to the enemy's plan, this ancient family indulged in the glory of the past will fall into a silent dark night.

However, no one expected that mico clin , Miss Polina, the once weak and immature heir to the title, would use her amazing perseverance and planning in the deep dark night to shoulder the entire family after the family suffered a heavy blow…

The leader's crusade "Phase 12": rich greenery! The lord of the bamboo forest is coming!

(Activity time: April 2, 15:00-April 18, 6:00)

The twelfth phase of the boss crusade will be opened after the version update. Let the knights face the challenge from the Bamboo Forest Lord! After passing the main line level 3-1, you can unlock the boss crusade gameplay. The knights can choose to fight alone or team up to challenge. And by participating in the boss subjugation gameplay, you can also obtain the core treasure of Medea's finishing move [Raven Dagger]!






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