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The youth tactical plot RPG mobile game "Blue Files" developed by MX Studio, a subsidiary of South Korea's NEXON Games and published by Youxing Network, officially started updating the fourth chapter of the main line "Cabano's Rabbit Chapter" on April 4. This time, the teacher was entrusted by the Federal Council to assist the [Valkyrie Police Academy] in handling the difficult issue of the closure of the [SRT Special Academy]. As a result, he met a number of members of the SRT Special Academy, such as the [Squad], and asked these individuals for help. The girls who have fallen into depression lend a helping hand and work together to protect the ideal of justice. In this update, the appearance of team members kicks off a new story. Limited-time activities with rich rewards and new content will also be opened, waiting for teachers to participate!

In a new chapter, the [SRT Special Academy] was originally a special organization established with the permission of the President of the Federation Council in order to be ready for law enforcement when crimes occur. After the president disappeared, no one could provide protection for SRT Special Academy, and the fate of the entire academy became precarious. At the same time, the [Squad] composed of four students in SRT also launched a demonstration to resist the decision to suspend the event. However, there seem to be more undercurrents of crises and conspiracies buried under this storm. When will the hidden truth be revealed? In the official PV version of "Blue Files", more exciting details about this plot are shown. Teachers are welcome to watch it.

[Cabano’s Rabbit] symbolizes the strength under the soft appearance. The team that lost the protection of the academy also faced the dilemma of survival and food and clothing. Can they, with very different personalities, hold each other’s hands tightly and remain firm after going through twists and tribulations? Where is the original intention? Teachers can go to explore the latest plot and witness the youthful friendship and ideals of justice that belong to the team.

At the same time, the four team members who made their debut are [Miyako Tsukiyuki (3★)], [Saki Sorai (3★)], [Moe Kazukura (3★)] and [Miyu Kasumizawa (3★)]. They will appear in the card pool recruitment. The limited-time recruitment probability of these four characters has been increased. They are also characters with penetration attributes, which will also provide new possibilities for game battles.

[Miyako Tsukiyuki], codenamed 1, is the captain of the team. She always cares about her teammates. She has a serious and kind personality. She always pursues and adheres to "the true justice of SRT that will not waver under any circumstances."

[Saki Sorai], codename 2, is a student with excellent written grades. He pursues a strict and standardized life and carries SRT textbooks with him. However, he tends to stick to the rules when performing tasks and lacks the ability to respond quickly to situations.

[Fengkura Moe] Codename 3, as an operator in the team, she has an unusual interest in blasting and bombs. She longs for all kinds of weapons with powerful firepower. At the same time, she is also a serious lover of sugar.

[Xia Ze Miyu] Codenamed 4, he serves as the sniper in the team. He has a typical sociophobic personality and is afraid of establishing relationships with strangers. Miyu's sense of existence is very weak, and she often makes others forget her existence, and this has become her special advantage in performing tasks.

In addition, the "Alona's Schedule Notes (Issue 8)" recently released by the official "Blue Files" () previews the exciting activities and generous rewards during the update of Chapter 1 of "Cabano's Rabbit Chapter" . Including the new season of Total Force [Total Force·Hodder (neighborhood)], [Total Force·Cheside (indoor)], [Happy camping life with the team!], and limited-time web event [Operation Carrot Field Special] wait. At the same time, the official has also prepared generous event benefits for teachers. By participating in the event, you can obtain green pyroxene and a large number of development materials to help teachers obtain a better gaming experience.

In addition to information on limited-time events and supply rewards, this update will also bring the opening of the mission level [Area 18] and [Proficiency Certificate Store].

On April 4, the "Cabano's Rabbit Chapter" of "Blue Files" officially kicked off. The story of SRT Special Academy and the team is waiting to be revealed by the teachers in person. Players who want to know more about "Blue Files" can go to the official website or follow the game through the following channels to learn about the follow-up news about the game as soon as possible.

About "Blue Files" "Blue Files" is a youth tactical plot RPG mobile game, with the fictional super-large federal city [Kivotos] as the background stage. In this mysterious and vast land, girls with strange haloes above their heads are active. They belong to different colleges and have established activity clubs with their own characteristics. However, the president of the [Federal Council] who had been maintaining order in [Kivotos] suddenly left without saying goodbye, plunging the place into chaos and turmoil… "You" who came here from the outside world will serve as the Federal Investigation Agency [Shaler] ], a consultant teacher who meets the girls and helps them overcome various difficulties and solve the crises that arise one after another.






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