"Fengshen Fantasy World" Will Start Fengming Q

"Fengshen Fantasy World" will open the game reservation mika coins recharge on April 9, 2024. You can get rich gifts when you make a reservation. The Fengming Qishan test will start on April 19, 2024. The official website and mini program welfare station will be launched soon. Game props and cash red envelopes will be given away non-stop. Come and find out.

【Reservation will open soon】

"Fengshen Fantasy World" will be available for reservation on all platforms on April 9, 2024. You can go to the game's official website/mini program to make a reservation. Available for reservation: Growth-type mythical beast (obtained by completing the main mission to level 37), Yuanbao*23333, Advanced Treasure Map*2, Immortal Seeking Scroll*10, Ultimate Skill Box*1 meme live recharge , with a total value of 4,500 yuan.

【Latest testing news】

"Fengshen Fantasy World" plans to start the Fengming Qishan test on April 19, 2024, and sincerely invites people of destiny to go to Qishan and join hands in the journey of Fengshen. For test-related information, please continue to pay attention to the official "Fengshen Fantasy World", we will break the news for you as soon as possible.

【Official website notice】

The Fengshen official website that everyone is looking forward to will be launched soon!

The official website is divided into six major modules: homepage, Fengshen Treasure House, News Center, Fengshen Illustrated Book, Fengshen Vientiane, and Player Community.

Fengshen’s official website has introductions to each sect, making it easier for all Destiny people to quickly grasp the background of the game. Each profession has a name and sect background.

We have also carefully prepared game guides to facilitate new players to quickly understand the game; version updates and plan previews will also be updated here, so that you can grasp the current and even future version trends of the game at the first time; there is also a planning Q&A section, which will promptly answer everyone's concerns. key problem.

【Welfare Station Preview】

The mini program welfare station will be launched soon, with multiple benefits "sealed" and given away!

1. Milestone reservation unlock rewards: When the number of reservations reaches different stages, the corresponding rewards can be unlocked. The more reservations, the richer the rewards will be!

2. Welfare Gold Beads Converted into Cash Activity:

Participate in the Fengshen Mini Program to interact and receive a large number of gold beads. The more gold beads you get, the more you get! The gold beads can be directly exchanged for cash red envelopes, or exchanged for massive props in the game.

There are more ways to obtain gold beads, allowing you to win big prizes faster than others!

Way 1: Pre-register the game through the mini program to get an additional 1,000 gold beads

Way 2: Invite friends, add the official WeChat account, and share every day to receive gold beads

Way 3: Participate in community activities to randomly drop gold beads

Way 4: Sign in daily in the mini program to continuously obtain gold beads

There are so many event gifts waiting for you! Destiny people, don’t forget to reserve the game on April 9th ​​to participate in the reservation and receive benefits. See you next week!






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