Brother, Give Me A Hug. The Double Queue Season Of &quot

Hugs, brothers! The double row season of "Three Kingdoms 10th Anniversary" has been officially launched on April 30. Along with various double row benefits, new generals [Wu Guan Yu] and [Shen Hua Tuo] have been launched simultaneously. During the double queue season, you can enjoy a lot of double queue season gift pack codes! There are also 24 top generals such as [Zhang Ao] and [Lu Lingqi] who can play for free!

His righteousness is as thin as the sky, his loyalty and courage! Guan Yu's benevolence and loyalty will be remembered by future generations and will be passed down through the ages. [Wu Guan Yu] launched in this "Three Kingdoms 10th Anniversary" has the skills "Jue Wu", "Wu You" and the limited skill "Yixian". Through the skill "Juewu", [Wu Guanyu] can play all cards with a score of 2 as damage cards, and cards obtained from other characters are treated as cards with a score of 2 mico coins yükleme , which means [Wu Guan Yu] Guan Yu] will have powerful damage-causing capabilities. The combination of the second skill "Wuyou" and the limited skill "Yi Xian" will allow you to control and obtain equipment cards in the game, and at the same time add cards to the designated character's hand, which can be described as offensive and defensive freedom!

Also launched simultaneously with [Wu Guanyu] is the new general of the Shenwu series [Shenhua Tuo]. As a high-profile new general in the Shenwu series, [Shenhua Tuo], just like his status as a miracle doctor, has a powerful ability to transform teammates. His limited skill "Huandao" can restore a character to a general during the card play stage. Acquire the skills of the general with the same name. The locking skill "quiet zone" and the third skill "filter heart" can draw cards for teammates and restore physical strength to a certain extent. I believe that with the help of [Shenhua Tuo], the chance of winning the game will be even better!

Brothers unite! During the dual queue season, not only will friends team up without losing stars, and generals can be shared with no limit on levels, but a special gameplay mechanism will also be added for the protagonist to experience for free for a limited time! This time, the designated military commanders can trigger the bond locking skills in dual queue. In addition to the familiar ones for players In addition to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, God Zhao Yun and Xi Zhicai, Sun Quan and Sun Ce, there are more military commander combinations and bonding skills waiting for you to explore online!

Happy double queue top up nimo tv , share the benefits! During the double queue season event, all the "Zhilan Yushu" and "Talented Beauty" generals are free of charge. Popular generals such as [Zhang Ao], [Lu Lingqi], [Zhao Tong and Zhao Guang] are waiting for you to experience ! Newcomers and returning players will have a chance to get legendary skin packs by inviting them to a team! There are also [Wu Guan Yu] and [Shen Hua Tuo] double queue season limited time gift pack codes available for redemption. Go online to claim the benefits!

The double row season of "Three Kingdoms 10th Anniversary" is in full swing! Call your brothers and close friends to fight side by side with [Wu Guanyu] and start your double queue journey!






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