"High-Energy Heroes" S4 Season High-energy Is

"High Power Heroes" S4's new ranked season – Shadow Hunter Trail has officially started at 07:00 on April 30! The new season not only has new rewards, but also a new gameplay mode – the airdrop mode is coming! The Happy Garden Party series of activities are also coming It will gradually start in the S4 season. There are many benefits, come and participate!

The high-energy S4 season is coming, and there are tons of benefits waiting for you to receive!

Hunt for shadows and traces, and set off with high energy! The high-energy hero S4 season is about to officially start!

More abundant season ranking rewards are waiting for you to unlock. Players only need to reach the designated rank to receive exclusive rewards within the ranking system. Unlock [Electromagnetic Nocturne] excellent skins – patrol officer, tail flame, M401 assault rifle – [Justice] skin, avatar frame, firearm pendant – flying stars and other rewards topup bigo live , making every battle full of personality. After the start of the S4 season, players in the [High Energy Legend] tier will also receive exclusive flag background rewards.

What’s even more exciting is that starting from [Platinum V], players will receive 1 high-energy crystal for every 100 ranking points they increase. Use these crystals to exchange for more rewards in the ranked store, including [Thorn of the Void] excellent skin – Ideal Youth, [Gemini Submachine Gun] excellent skin – dragon head, avatar frame, etc. Help you enjoy a more enjoyable competitive experience in the S4 season.

Brand new gameplay – airdrop mode, full firepower, enjoy the fierce battle!

The S4 season will bring players a new and more exciting gameplay – airdrop mode. Players can obtain powerful weapons and equipment by competing for airdropped supplies to win the final victory. At the same time, game modes such as Super Heroes, Unlimited Heroes, Two Players, and Quick Cooldown (whole gun) will also return one after another, hoping to give players a more diverse combat experience!

The series of happy garden party activities are gradually starting, come and participate and share the joy!

The Happy Garden Party series of activities will also be launched one after another. If you participate in the Happy Garden Party activities, you will have the opportunity to receive the [Heavy Shield Guard] excellent skin – Deep Sea Trembling. Invite your friends to camp together and you can win the excellent skin of [MG600 Light Machine Gun] One by One. There are also additional rewards for teaming up with friends to receive chat bubbles – Whale Leap Bubbles. In addition, players who participate in ranking matches will also have the opportunity to obtain valuable ranking point protection cards, adding more value to everyone's competitive journey. A guarantee.

At the same time, the skin fragment exchange store has also added two new hero skins and gun skins. Participate in the Skin Fragment Supply Station event to collect skin fragments. There are 16 exquisite skins for you to redeem to create your own high-energy style!

The High-Powered Heroes S4 Season – Shadow Hunting is about to begin. Let us look forward to it, join this battle together, and continue to write a new round of high-powered legends!

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