"My Origin" Launches New Event Fishing Contest

"My Origin", a sandbox evolution mobile game developed by Perfect World to rebuild the collapsed world, will launch a new event, the Fishing Competition, on April 30, 2024! Here explorers can log in to the Origin Planet and open it in a seamless manner Take risks and open up wasteland on the big map, collect useful materials to synthesize a large number of exclusive props, capture and domesticate magical animals, build houses, set up guilds, enjoy the fun brought by the sandbox game played by thousands of people, and create your own unique world.

As the May Day holiday approaches, explorers must have started planning how to spend this happy holiday! Recently, fishing seems to have become popular among young people. On a sunny and warm spring day, sitting on the lake Feeling the breeze blowing, looking at the sparkling lake, and fishing with three or five friends sounds like a kind of enjoyment! For players who want to relax and enjoy the fun of fishing during vacation, Xiaoyuan has a perfect solution Best suggestion: Join the fishing competition held by "My Origin" on April 30 and have a fishing trip with nature!

What is it like to fish in the open world?

Zebra Park has a new entertainment activity open to everyone! We have carefully organized the most popular fishing competition in the park. In this fishing feast, players will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of fishing with other explorers. Challenge yourself and compete to see who can catch the biggest Arctic char! Whether you want to become a master of fishing skills or just want to relax in the game, this fishing competition can meet your needs. Let us enjoy the gifts of nature together, swim in the ripples of the lake, and feel the joy and freedom of the fish!

Happy fishing game __ Fishing origin

Zebra Paradise fishing competition begins happily

This fishing competition is not just for fun and relaxation , we have also prepared mysterious prizes to reward explorers who dare to challenge. Whether you are pursuing the honorary title of Fishing Master or longing for this mysterious grand prize, everyone will find their own fun and meaning in this event!

Let me introduce to you the rules of this fishing competition!

Explorers who have reached level 20 can participate in this competition. The competition time is from 5:00 on Monday to 4:59 on next Monday (the competition will also be held for a long time from now on), and the location is in the vast water of Zebra Paradise. A large number of Arctic char appear in the water, and explorers need to rely on strength and luck to catch as many Arctic char as possible. At the settlement every Monday, rewards will be distributed based on the rankings and the total weight of fishing. The top 20 explorers who catch more than 100 kilograms of Arctic char will receive a mysterious luxury prize!

Warm reminder: Arctic char are picky eaters and only like to eat nutritious and delicious krill! Krill can be exchanged for a limited time at the fishing exchange office. If it is not enough, you can also purchase it in the mall and weekly gifts~

Happy fishing game _ Fishing origin _

A mysterious prize you must not miss

Everyone must be curious about what this mysterious prize is, so here it is revealed for all the seekers!

The weekly champion will receive a special 7-day limited-time title "Happy Fishing Master". In addition, 1 to 20 people on the ranking list will receive a fishing competition treasure box, which can be opened to obtain a large number of bits, as well as this The second most important reward—the fisherman’s fashion selection box!

Many explorers have previously put forward opinions on strengthening certain origin pets. In order to meet everyone's needs and considering the balance of origin pets in the game, we have specially designed this fisherman costume.

We have produced a total of ten fisherman fashions. The fashions are limited to 7 days. Each style corresponds to an origin pet buy bigo . After wearing it, you can get the exclusive buff effect of the origin pet, which greatly enhances the strength of the explorers!

Ranking 1 to 3 will receive the Fisherman Fashion Selection Box I, and ranking 4 to 20 will receive the Fisherman Fashion Selection Box II.

Fishing origin __ Happy fishing game

Contents of Fisherman Fashion Selection Box I: Balrog Fisherman, Lich Fisherman, Penguin Fisherman, Angel Fisherman, and Black Sky Fisherman

Contents of Fisherman Fashion Selection Box II: Dancer Fisherman, Yanfeng Fisherman, Caiyun Fisherman, Traveler Fisherman, Original Fisherman

Enjoy the May Day holiday with endless excitement

In addition to the fishing competition, explorers can also participate in the Origin Environmental Protection Week activities, and everyone can become an environmental guardian with a "certificate to work"! Explorers can obtain environmental protection certificates and exchange them for generous rewards by completing various tasks during the event. During the event, you can also redeem mysterious seeds. Seekers who obtain the seeds can plant them in their own homes. The seeds do not need to be watered or fertilized during the growth process. When mature, they can directly harvest different types of treasure chests, shining crystals, beast taming guides, and legends. There are all kinds of top-grade materials and other props! We have also prepared special gift packages with many discounts for you to ensure that explorers can have a fulfilling and happy holiday!

Without further ado, get your fishing equipment ready and let’s start a unique fishing trip together in the world of “My Origin”! Zebra Paradise is waiting for you on April 30th!

"My Origin" is a sandbox MMO mobile game developed by Perfect World with the theme of survival, creation and revitalization of world civilization, and supports the online service of thousands of people. On this colorful continent, feel the day and night changes in climate, freely explore new planets, research all things to unlock technology, and enjoy the unlimited fun of an open world!






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