The New Version Of The Beauty Card Development Mobile Ga

On April 29, the new version of the beauty card development mobile game "Underground Castle 3" was officially launched. The new activity map "Adventure Route" and the new main map "Land of Ancestral Spirits" were updated at the same time. A variety of goddess skins were launched. , the super popular activity "Tarot Cards" returns for a limited time, and there are also a series of welfare activities to help spiritualists have fun~

New event map "Adventure Route" is coming

(Screenshots in the development environment, subject to the actual online version of the game)

Experience a fantasy airship journey and find huge treasures!

The spiritualists will board the airship again to open a new adventure chapter. While experiencing a new plot, they also need to rationally use the regenerators' unique puzzle-solving skills to deal with endless puzzle-solving events. At the end of the journey, huge treasures are waiting for you, challenge the limits and obtain more resources! As long as you participate in the new activity map, you will have the opportunity to obtain generous rewards including legendary regenerators!

New map "Land of Ancestral Spirits" opens

(Screenshots in the development environment, subject to the actual online version of the game)

Explore ancient mysterious realms and save the world from drastic changes.

You learned from the lobbyists of the gods that the continent of Aloa has undergone drastic changes due to your actions in the God Realm. When you come to the land of ancestral spirits, you will encounter the skinned and cramped tauren, the sleeping Wanmil, the sudden rise of the giant, and the elf exile. In this mysterious land, the spiritualists will face unprecedented challenges, and it will be your responsibility to save the world!

New skins "Jiangling Priest, Southern Xinjiang Saint, Shadow Thorn" unveiled

In the Adventure Route version, new high-looking skins of the three goddesses, Crimson Storm, Jingzhe, and Thousand-Faced Phantom, have appeared. Let’s take a look.

Priest Jiangling, who has an insight into all things, has a cold face and eyes as deep as night. Her existence seems to be a mysterious power that makes everything around her breathless. She will bring a soul journey to the spiritualists. Spiritualists who participate in the new tarot card event will have the opportunity to obtain the breathtaking new skin of Crimson Storm~

The gauze is fluttering, butterflies are fluttering, and the dignified and graceful Saint of Southern Xinjiang shines in the night. She guards the peace and tranquility of this land with her own existence and strength. The new treasure map event skin refresh yalla ludo diamond purchase in saudi arabia , Jingzhe's new skin is stunningly unveiled!

The mysterious shadow thorn appeared quietly, and its purple clothes fluttered in the wind. Its ghostly figure shuttled through the night, and the flying blade in its hand flashed with cold light, making people shudder. Complete the novice process and participate in the "Shadowthorn's Thank You Gift" limited-time event bigo live recharge diamond , and you will have a chance to obtain the new skin of Thousand-Faced Phantom.

The limited-time event “Tarot Cards” returns

(Screenshots in the development environment, subject to the actual online version of the game)

The Tarot card divination event will be on again! Spiritualists who log online every day can receive divination props for free, and exclusive gift packs for the Tarot card series will also be available for a limited time. The rewards for divination are rich, and you also have the opportunity to obtain the Queen's Wheel and the Pharaoh's Wheel, which can be exchanged for beautiful skins! If you reach a certain number of divination, there will be rewards in return, come and try your luck~

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the food festival event that helps spiritualists develop characters will also return in the new version. There will also be a new round of benefits and special offers online. Come log in to the game to receive many generous rewards!

The above is all the content of the adventure route version of "Underground Castle 3"! Interested players, please go to the official website of "Underground Castle 3" mobile game to download the game, take an airship across the sky together, and join this fantasy adventure!






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