Dream Butterfly Prays I Want It All New Animal Theme Cos

There are many activities in the mobile game "Tianxia" recently. Not only is the All-Star Competition exciting, but the new Animal Party series appearance is even more adorable! KFZ has also specially prepared version update benefits. Now you only need to log in to the game to receive a large number of gifts such as the fourth-level gem bag, the Red Lotus Fragmented Abyss, and millions of gold coins with one click~

In addition, a series of new features and gameplay are online! The Starlight Sharing System is coming, and the Soul Bead System is also optimized and upgraded. This issue of Dream Butterfly Prayer has more "I Want It All" event benefits. Come and take a look!

Stars shine together

There are thousands of beautiful wings, who is the collector in the Great Wilderness? The Star Sharing System is officially launched. You can get star points by collecting and activating wings. Different types of wings correspond to different star points. You can check them through the wing collection book.

Use the collected star points to light up the large map super teleportation function Shenyu. Come and go freely, and easily reach where you want to go!

You can also unlock special flight actions, wing flash, flight paths and other exclusive effects! If you want to modify the skills that have been lit, no problem! Resetting will return all star points. One wing has multiple uses, and it is very cost-effective!

Soul Bead System

The Soul Bead system has been optimized! A new Soul Bead fusion button has been added to the main interface. Click it to quickly view the Soul Bead fusion effect and unlocking conditions. The Magic Tree has been re-divided into two interfaces: the Magic Tree and the Fusion Interface. You can switch between them freely using the switch button.

A new Soul Orb swallowing function has been added. Swallowing 1-3 star Soul Orbs of the same series can increase the growth advantage of the Soul Orb. After reaching a certain growth advantage, you need to use specific props to break through before you can continue to improve. In addition, there is a new star preservation preview function. After putting in the main Soul Orb, you can generate a simulated secondary Soul Orb, and predict the synthesis result in advance. It will be easier for you to cultivate Soul Orbs in the future!

Dream Butterfly Prayer: I Want It All

Brand new animal-themed costumes are coming, and the cute furry appearance is so cute! Participate in the Dream Butterfly Prayer event from May 22nd to June 18th, and you will have the chance to get Meow Wang Pretty Cub costumes, Come Play Meow Rubbings and many other gifts. You can draw a free prize every day during the event! You can also open the Welfare Box when you reach the specified progress, and get Meow Meow Combat Kill Marks, Level 5 Gem Bags and other goodies!

This period of wishing event has a limited time bonus! After completing the collection of designated appearance props, you will have the opportunity to obtain additional gifts such as the permanent costume of Meow Party, the fourth treasure box of the selected beast, the wing exchange certificate, the million-dollar military funds, the sixth-level gems of your choice, the back ornaments, etc. This wave of cost-effectiveness is directly maximized!

Childlike fun

Let the fun fly and start the joy! Participate in the Fun Flying event, connect five or more identical props into a straight line to get points, and you can claim the points settlement reward once a day, and take away millions of gold coins, Imperial Stone Secret Treasures, Silver Bell Honey Birds, Fairy Jade and other luxury gifts! After the event, the young heroes who successfully make it to the leaderboard can also get rewards such as Great Wilderness Xiyin, World Order, Children's Day Avatar Frame, etc.!

Fighting Trial and Myth Trial

The Arena gameplay double reputation event is open for a limited time. Free fire top up player id free . Go to complete the [Battle Trial] related tasks and you can also get rare rewards such as Lingkun·Void Travel Fragment, Refining Seal·Ultimate, Heroic Soul Jade, Fairy Gem Jade, etc.!

In addition, completing the myth trial mission will also give you extra myth travel notes and spiritual treasure bags! Come and show your skills!

Have fun on Children's Day

Log in online between May 22nd and June 4th to get the Silver Bell Honey Bird reward. After meeting the specified conditions and number of login days, you can also receive additional level 4 gem bag and three-talent stone rewards.

Go to the Children's Day event page and complete daily tasks to receive a colorful treasure chest. After opening it, you will randomly get one of the topup tantans , watermelon ice, pop candy, and gingerbread man. Collect all three materials to have a chance to get silver bells and honey sparrows and candied haws. Complete all tasks and you can also get silver bells and honey sparrows and generous gold coins! Go to the reputation store and use candied haws and silver bells to exchange for surprise rewards such as Thunder Diamond Red Lotus Treasure Chest, Zhulong's Moment·Taichu, etc.!

There are many activities in the mobile game "Tianxia". You can take away many benefits and gifts by participating! Young heroes, put on your favorite wings, light up the exclusive starlight special effects, and relive your childhood fun in the wilderness!

The will to fight returns to the roots, and old friends walk together. The rebirth server of the mobile game "Tianxia" is online with passion. The appearance and values ​​can be inherited, and the manual for rapid development is created to create the best time for you to return! The new server peak competition is passionately launched to see who will be the first to reach the top of the world! The new Wushuang City "Faction Hunting" gameplay is open to all servers, and the heroes are fighting to rekindle their blood and show who is the best! The spirit beasts are coming, and the party is starting. The new animal party series appearance is online, inviting you to join the cute wilderness!






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