Mingchao's Grand Public Beta Test On All Platforms W

On May 23, the grand public beta of Mingchao's entire platform was officially launched!

Entering the world of Mingchao, it is a feast of fierce battles and character growth. As a newcomer, you may feel overwhelmed by the complicated battle system and character development gameplay. But don't worry, this article will explain the ways of battle and development for you, helping you to quickly stand out and get ahead of everyone after the server is launched.

A global milestone has been established. Thank you to all the drifters for your support and love! Come and log in to the game and experience a unique open world!

1. Detailed explanation of combat gameplay

Concerto System

The core of Mingchao's combat system is concerto, which is a unique and interesting mechanism. Simply put, concerto is cutting people! Accumulate concerto energy through normal attacks, skills, big moves, etc. When the concerto energy is full (displayed in a small circle next to the character's health), the concerto effect can be triggered.

Variations and Sustenza

The concerto system is divided into two parts: variation and continuation:

l Variation: When you switch to a new character, this character will release an entry skill, provide damage and various effects, and provide concerto energy to the current character.

l Extension: When you switch to a character, this character will trigger an exit skill, usually providing some buffs. You can determine whether these buffs are effective by paying attention to the special effects around the character.

Axis Strategy

Axis combination is an advanced skill in the combat system, the purpose is to accumulate concerto energy and ultimate energy in the shortest possible time. By cleverly switching roles, other roles can be used to generate energy during the skill afterswing time, reducing the warm-up time and providing burst output for the main C role more quickly.

Practical skills

For example, when you control the character "Encore" to release a skill, quickly switch to another character "Sanhua", and then switch back to "Encore". This can maximize energy gain during the skill afterswing time and improve overall output efficiency.

Benefits of Co-axle

Using the combined axis strategy can significantly shorten the time to accumulate energy, so that you can enter the output cycle faster. For example, it takes about 33 seconds to collect all buffs without using the combined axis, but it only takes about 23 seconds after using the combined axis. Although the combined axis is an advanced content, mastering this technique will definitely make your combat performance better.

2. Detailed explanation of the cultivation gameplay

Acoustic System

The Sound Corpse system is the core of Mingchao's development gameplay. By equipping Sound Corpses, you can provide attribute bonuses and additional skills for your character. Sound Corpses have four grades: green, blue, purple, and gold, and each grade corresponds to a different level cap.

Get the sound

The sound can be obtained through the following methods:

l Silent clearance

l Data dock data fusion

Various activities

l Holographic Strategy Practice Shop

l Adversity Deep Tower Deep Tower Exchange

l Wonderland Shop

Upgrading the gourd

To upgrade the level of the gourd, you need to absorb different types and grades of sound corpses. Therefore, in the early stages of the game, collecting sound corpses as early as possible can increase the level of the gourd faster, thereby obtaining high-grade sound corpses.

Sound structure

The sound equipment includes multiple attributes:

l COST: There are currently three types of COST: 1, 3, and 4. A character can carry 5 pieces of sound bones, up to a maximum of 5.

l Main attribute entries: one fixed entry and one random entry.

l Sub-attribute entries: Different grades have different sub-attributes. To obtain them, you also need to increase the level of the sound skeleton . Use the "tuner" to open slots and obtain them randomly among several attributes.

l Sound Corpse Skills: Each Sound Corpse is different, including pure output skills, map running skills, gain skills, etc.

l Set effect: Provides specific set effects based on the combination of equipment.

Common sound equipment

1. Qingyunchuyue Set: Carried by the support and sub-C, it provides a 22.5% attack increase for the next character to appear.

2. Hidden World Restoration Set: Carried by the nurse, it increases the amount of treatment and provides a 15% increase in attack power for the entire team.

The main C can carry the corresponding attribute set according to the attribute!

The material copies in Mingchao are mainly divided into the following categories:

l Simulation field: character experience copy, weapon experience copy, shell currency copy. In the early stage, double the activity limit to top up ragnarok origin global and obtain basic resources.

l Condensate Field: Character skill upgrade and weapon breakthrough material copy, 5 types in total classified by weapon type.

l Silent Clearance: A copy for obtaining Sound Corpses and Sound Corpse Experience. It is recommended to start after level 30. It is more cost-effective after level 40.

l Defeat powerful enemies: Obtain boss materials by killing world bosses and use them to upgrade specific characters.

l War Song Duet: A weekly dungeon that can be cleared three times a week. It is recommended to clear it to the maximum.


Mingchao's combat and development secrets are revealed! Mastering the concerto system and the axis-coordination strategy will allow you to quickly accumulate energy and improve your combat effectiveness on the battlefield. Proper use of the sound skeleton system can not only greatly enhance the character's attributes, but also add endless fun to the exploration of the big world. In addition to the traditional running map experience, there are also new big world gameplays such as transforming into a "motorcycle" and "flying" waiting for you to challenge. Only by transforming into a specific sound skeleton can you participate in the unique gameplay, which will help you go further in the game! Come and master these secrets and enjoy the endless fun brought by Mingchao!






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