"Onmyoji" "Star Gathering Moment" Br

【Star Gathering Moment Event】

Bright meteors streak across the sky, carrying the message of homesickness to the distant. The "Star Gathering Moment" event of "Onmyoji" is now open for mico recharge . Invite friends to return and you can take away event-limited chat pendants, Yuxing Daruma fragments and other event rewards~

-Activity time-

May 22 after maintenance – June 4 23:59


※During the event, you can enter the event interface and click the invite button to send a message to your friends to invite them to return, or invite them to return online via SMS invitation or link sharing.

※ After the invited returning friends come online , meme recharge and complete the binding with Onmyoji friends to participate in this event. You can invite up to 4 returning friends to bind, and you can get 1 "Reunion Star" for each friend you bind; when the Flower Battle experience of the bound returning friend reaches 60, you can get 1 "Reunion Star", and the daily limit is 2 times.

※Returning friends can obtain 1 "Reunion Star" by logging into the game every day, completing the Demonic Hour, and reaching 60 experience points in the Flower Battle.

※For every 1/24/68 Soul Jades spent by a returning friend, the returning friend and the Onmyoji bound to the game account can receive 1/4/5 "Radiant Stars" respectively.

【Activity Award】

※ When you collect the "Reunion Star" to reach the specified progress, you can unlock event rewards such as magatama, event-limited illustration "Old Friends Flower Garden", event-limited chat widget "Starry Cat Language", etc. Returning friends can also receive additional Flower Battle discount coupons.

※ When you collect the "Shining Star" to a certain extent, you can unlock the event rewards such as the Great Snake's Reverse Scale, the Fragment of the Royal Daruma, and the Present World Talisman.

The night sky is dotted with stars, and invite your friends who have traveled far away to come back and enjoy the view together, and gather again in Heian-kyō to enjoy the same beautiful scenery~

【About Onmyoji Mobile Game】

NetEase's self-developed flagship IP, beautiful and ethereal, classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection and cultivation, social PK based on LBS technology, ups and downs of the new plot, hundreds of shikigami waiting to be awakened… "Onmyoji" is waiting for you to embark on a mysterious fantasy journey!







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