"Snake Wars" Creates A "Greed Festival&qu

This May, while other gamers are still thinking about how to plan the game content, players of Snake Wars have already enjoyed the grand Gluttony Festival with rich activities and benefits. Starting from April 24, Snake Wars officially updated the Gluttony Festival version full of the atmosphere of cross-border sharing by all people. Various new gameplays, benefits, and linkages built around the Gluttony Festival are dazzling. Many players have called it addictive. Compared with the daily eating of snake "corpses" and raising snake kings, it is twice as addictive. It can be seen that the Gluttony Festival plan of Snake Wars is highly compatible with the cheerful temperament of the game itself.

The flavor of the festival from Snake Wars

Celebrating festivals has always been a universal appeal of the whole nation. People will travel, entertain, and gather on specific festivals, breaking the boundaries of space, sharing the festive atmosphere, and passing on the festive culture. This is an activity that people love to see. Therefore, in the field of games, "cyber festivals" are becoming more and more common. We can often see operational activities with themes of major traditional festivals in different games, but "Snake Wars" is more ingenious and has created a "Greed Festival" that breaks the boundaries of time.

After the Gluttony Festival begins, players can participate in a series of welfare activities during the nearly one-month event, such as logging in to receive high-end fashions, exploring the gluttonous galaxy for treasures, and eating koi. The participation thresholds for different activities are different. Some require cumulative sign-ins, while others require players to complete game tasks. But the same thing is that these benefits are provided free of charge, and players can choose by themselves and freely experience the different surprises brought by the Gluttony Festival.

In terms of gameplay, the Gluttony Festival also brings a wealth of new content, such as the popular [Don't Be Greedy Challenge]. In this mode, unlike the normal mode where the player's gluttonous snake can eat without any taboos, it needs to avoid the gray thorn balls on the map and selectively eat to grow until it wins the game. The unintuitive rules are combined with interesting map obstacle designs to bring players unique game fun during the Gluttony Festival.

Other unique gameplays of the Gluttony Festival are also quite innovative, including the unlimited speed racing mode where the longer the snake, the faster it goes, and the sweet 520 challenge where two people team up to guard the love treasure chest… Various interesting gameplays are combined with the theme of the Gluttony Festival to continuously enrich the player's gaming experience.

Covering the food, clothing, and entertainment of players in the game, "Snake Battle" has created not only an event version, but also a very distinctive "cyber festival". As for what players perceive, in addition to the rich benefits and gameplay, there is also a festival memory belonging to "Snake Battle".

Cross-border linkage connects online and offline

It is worth mentioning that the influence of the Food Festival is not limited to online. In addition to bringing online activities and game benefits to players, "Snake Wars" has also launched in-depth cooperation with Meituan. Careful players can find that the game is now full of Meituan. By exploring the Meituan planet and participating in customized gameplay such as [ Order a takeaway and eat], players can obtain a series of brand-linked permanent props such as [Takeaway Knight·Kangaroo Team] fashion, Meituan Kangaroo, Kangaroo Helmet, Battery Car, etc., which will always accompany the player's "Snake Wars" career.

Offline, "Snake Battle" cooperates with Meituan to push Meituan takeaway coupons in the game. Players can not only "order takeaway" online, but also use the coupons for offline "order takeaway" consumption. The clever combination of games and daily life services brings real-life benefits to Snake players.

This cross-border cooperation connecting online and offline not only enriches the gameplay and ecology of "Snake Wars", but also softly outputs the influence of the cooperating brands in the game. In addition to bringing players a new life and entertainment experience, it also achieves a "win-win" situation in terms of influence and brand promotion benefits for both parties. It can be foreseen that in the future we can see "Snake Wars" cooperate with more physical brands, bringing players more new cross-border joint explorations when the next Food Festival comes.

Create a game ecosystem exclusively for players

Since the first Greedy Festival in 2023, perhaps creating a festival concept exclusively for Snake players has become the key long-term plan of "Snake War". Compared with the theme activities that cater to real festivals, the Greedy Festival, which is less ritual, more entertainment, and focuses on user experience, is obviously more suitable for Snake players who pursue relaxation and leisure.

Just as the "Everything is edible" concept of the Gluttony Festival is put forward, whether it is gameplay innovation or IP linkage, this Gluttony Festival, which touches players from games to life, is actually an expansion of the game ecosystem in the name of a festival. It makes people curious about where the boundaries of Snake Wars will expand while continuing the Gluttony Festival in the future.







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