The Latest Planet Landing Scene Of "Infinite Lagran

Did the United States land on the moon? It's 2024 now, and the Chinese Internet is arguing about this again.

This side says it's an American conspiracy theory, this side says it's an anti-intellectual wave. The two sides are arguing more and more, why don't we jump out and open our eyes to see the world:

Hmm? What good stuff is this?

Pictures speak louder than words. Check out the latest planet landing footage from Infinite Lagrange!

Isn't Lagrange a space strategy game? Players build bases in the universe, cultivate fleets , and unite or fight with various forces in the universe. Now they can also land on the surface of the planet?

This story has to start from 520.

At the 2024 NetEase Games 520 press conference, as the leader in space SLG, our "Endless Lagrange" made its grand debut.

When you come to a press conference, you can't just make empty promises, you should take out all the solid stuff! Nowadays, Marvel and DC are all scrambling to create the multiverse, so we at Lagrange have to catch up and launch the "Continuously Evolving Multiverse" program.

The first level of the multiverse, reviewing a series of activities for the original IP festival "Earth Day" that was recently launched. This can be said to be the first fire that Lagrange has lit this year.

In addition to the main gameplay, the game has added aquatic planting areas for the first time, giving players a richer and more diverse gaming experience. Breaking the virtual boundaries, Lagrange and all players planted 10,000 saplings in the real Alashan Desert and cultivated 10,000 seaweeds in the Yellow Sea.

Let the new green and deep blue blur the borders, and at the intersection of reality and virtuality, we will go to a promise of protection. Official media rushed to report, and the influence was directly overwhelming. The spiritual core of respecting nature in the game is exported to real life, and the whole server works together to promote environmental protection. Who can still say that playing games is misleading?

Coming to the second level of the multiverse, the new gameplay information revealed at the press conference made players even more excited!

First of all, from the released pictures, we can see that the night light system interface of the pioneers has been completely renewed.

As the player's chief assistant in exploring the universe, our Night Light is no less capable than that. It is foreseeable that this time the Night Light system will usher in a large-scale upgrade!

More detailed battle report analysis and strategy space? A new view or functional section? Or is our Night Light teacher going to be proud?

I can't help but imagine changing the night light's clothes (not really). Upgrade! Upgrade it like Jarvis in Iron Man!

There are also careful blind students who have discovered the highlight – the pioneers' base has also changed. The hometown has been renovated!

According to the lines in the video, "it will bring a more detailed space docking experience."

You think about it, think about it carefully. I boldly predict that the new gameplay is likely to be related to the base docking point. This is back to what we started with: a new docking area is coming!

In the last interface of the game, in the distant Egram galaxy, we can see a landing ship-style ship slowly driving out from the hillside.

Before this, engineering ships could only float around the planet when collecting resources. This is also the first time in the game that a ship has landed on a planet. Is Lagrange going to expand the gameplay to the surface of the planet?

If it is really possible to land on a planet, then building an alien base, encountering alien creatures, and trading in an alien market, just listing a few of them makes me excited.

There are so many possible ways to play! It is definitely the most anticipated way to play Lagrange in at least two years! This wave is also expected to greatly lower the threshold for players and further improve the experience.

Hey, I'm going to recommend my friends to come play together, and watch the endless stars hand in hand!






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