Barbarian Wars: A Global Hit IO Game With Fun Gameplay

If we look back at the areas of the mobile game market where hits have emerged frequently in recent years, most people's subconscious reaction may be heavy game categories such as MOBA and SLG, but in fact, game types such as "IO" were once popular all over the world.

Excellent IO games such as "Snake Battle", "Barbarian Battle", and "Battle of Balls" have used the concept of light competition to carve out a differentiated path in an era dominated by heavy categories – players have learned that mobile games can be so interesting.

Among all the popular IO games, it is difficult to avoid the shadow of "Barbarian Wars". The reason is that it is one of the few games that has become popular in the global market due to its fun gameplay.

【The earliest mushroom hala】

Players who have played the first generation of "Barbarian Wars" know that

The earliest Mushroom Hara was born in the summer of 2017, which was a very special year. In the year when mobile games of various categories emerged one after another and big manufacturers fought each other, our Mushroom Hara World blazed a path of its own with light competitive features such as "5 minutes a game", "magical MOBA battles", and "small package with great fun".

So, what are the specific features of "Barbarian Wars"?

From the gameplay point of view, in order to make the game different from many io games on the market, the game chose the io+MOBA gameplay.

Most io games of that era were played based on the big eating the small, and the players constantly collected experience materials to strengthen their own formulas and construct their own gameplay. "Barbarian Wars" added MOBA elements on top of this, shifting the core experience from the big eating the small and in-game development to more exciting competitive battles.

For example, when players level up in the game by absorbing experience materials, they can randomly obtain a skill, and this skill will obtain a combination effect as the level continues to increase. For example, the "Hook Axe" skill can be superimposed with other damage skills to instantly deal high damage in battle;

For example, the game's maps are designed to be small, which encourages chieftains to engage in frequent combat, so that the battle never stops;

Rich multiplayer modes, not only 3v3, but also 5v5.

This feature makes the game's combat experience unique.

Not only that, the game's style is also very unique. It chooses the magical and funny themes that young users prefer, and combined with the fresh pixel art design of the year, it has a sense of déjà vu of childhood arcade melee. So even if it is only a small package of tens of MB, the magical pixel art makes the game's combat performance unique.

In terms of IP creation, "Barbarian Wars" even has its own comics

Although Barbarians War is a competitive game that combines IO and MOBA, in order to cater to the needs of mobile game players with fragmented time, the duration of a single game has been reduced to just a few minutes. With a game download package of dozens of MB, you can play a game anytime and anywhere, which quickly captured the hearts of many chieftains.

Although it is short, fast and entertaining, the game also has many operation areas~

[The results of "Barbarian Wars"]

It is for this reason that "Barbarian Wars" has achieved outstanding results since its launch.

One month after its official launch on September 28, 2017, the number of daily active players in the game reached a peak of over one million; within 10 days of its launch, the game had been downloaded 500,000 times; after its global release, it was recommended as a top-quality game in hundreds of countries and regions, and topped the game download list in more than a dozen countries, becoming a phenomenal game that was all the rage.

However, as a small package game released in 2017, in today's mobile game market where blockbusters are frequently released, even though it has a fun gameplay, after years of content consumption, the lifespan of the past gameplay is foreseeably beginning to be tight , and the picture quality is also lagging behind the development of the times.

This kind of picture quality does need to be iteratively upgraded at the moment.

Barbarian Wars 2 was created to solve past pain points.

For example, in battle, random talents, set skills, big moves and other settings have been optimized and iterated based on the first generation, making the game's combat fun further upgraded; various PVP or PVE modes have been added, such as Captain's Hook, Bomb Bomb, and Crazy Golden Mushroom; many fun props from the original first generation (hammers, bombs) and new content such as transformation boxes have been inherited in the battle situation, making the battle more joyful; the picture quality has also been upgraded to a 3D American cartoon style, which is more exquisite and beautiful, and is by no means a "small production" like in the past.

After the "Mushroom Warrior Test" in March this year, many chieftains who participated in the test expressed their approval of the upgraded Mushroom Hara and looked forward to the start of the next test. The current expectation score of "Barbarian Wars 2" is as high as 9 points. There are constant suggestions and discussions about the game, making it a potential new game that has attracted much attention during the pre-order period~

About Barbarian Wars 2

Hi, do you still remember the bearded Baba Liu? The magical brawl mobile game "Barbarian Wars 2" that combines competition and adventure is here!

Funny and wacky barbarian heroes and magical and bizarre prop pets;

A creative new chapter of the classic 3v3v3 brawl, the joyful competition is so exciting that you can’t stop!

Are you ready? Transform into the barbarian chieftain Baba Liu and start a brawl in a barbaric world full of joy!






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