Diablo: Immortal 3.0 Is Now Available. The Hell Is Comin

The devil's conspiracy is resurrected, and fear will sweep across Sanctuary! The 3.0 version of Diablo: Immortal, which has been eagerly awaited by countless players, is officially launched today! The terrifying space dominated by Diablo, the Devil's Prison, has arrived, and defending justice requires facing fear; the new Rune system brings more powerful help to the fight against demons; the four great demons are surrounded, and the crisis reappears. Where will Sanctuary go? The new legendary costume, Eternal Judgment, is now on the shelves, and the power of the ancestor is right in front of you. It's time to accept his power; the world is destroyed in a single thought, and the new legendary gem, Storm Dome, is in the world… The difficulty is upgraded, the benefits are doubled, and a large amount of content is now available! Warriors with a mission of justice will judge all evil forces and defend the peace and tranquility of Sanctuary!

[The Devil's Hell is coming, facing the dangers and finding a chance to survive]

The Fortress of Diablo, face the fear! The shadow of Diablo gradually covers the Sanctuary, and the unnamed fear makes people feel uneasy. With the launch of the 3.0 major version of Diablo: Immortal, the second anniversary of the game, [The Abyss], a huge conspiracy is sweeping across the world. The door of [The Prison] has been opened, and the new gameplay [The Fortress of Diablo] and [The Fortress of Diablo] are waiting for the challenge of the warriors. What kind of conspiracy is hidden in the evil space created by the King of Terror? Only by entering it can you find out.

Snatching food from the tiger's mouth is full of dangers! Take away the treasure in the fortress and escape before the devil wakes up! In the new gameplay [Devil's Prison Fortress], players need to sneak into the Devil's Prison Fortress and open as many treasure chests as possible before the time limit ends. The more treasure chests opened, the richer the rewards. Players with good performance will also encounter the ultimate treasure chest and harvest extraordinary loot. After the countdown ends, the devil in the fortress will wake up and start chasing the invaders. Warriors, take the treasure you found and escape from the clutches of the devil. Successfully leaving the Devil's Prison Fortress is the victory!

Surrounded by demons, it's a desperate fight! The black fog is everywhere, and danger is hidden in the darkness. Only by setting foot on this land can you prevent the doomsday scene from coming true! After entering the [Magic Prison] gameplay area, players need to plan their routes reasonably, avoiding the black fog that swallows everything while defeating the monsters blocking the way. The more monsters you defeat, the richer the rewards you can get. Only by defeating more monsters before the terrifying black fog swallows everything can you effectively prevent the evil from growing, thwart Diablo's conspiracy, and save the sanctuary!

[Rune Heritage Classic Immortal ushered in a new system]

_Dark's strongest suit, Immortal King_Night Stalker Immortal

Attribute bonus, strength leap! Facing the rolling evil wave and the growing dark power, players urgently need more powerful forces to protect the safety of the sanctuary! Now the new version is online, the new rune system has also arrived, they will become a powerful helper in fighting against the devil!

As an item that can provide basic attribute bonuses and magic entries , runes can be embedded in the main parts of equipment to improve the various attributes of the equipment. Currently, players can obtain 10 different runes. Runes can be obtained by killing monsters and accumulating [Nightmare Essence]. Players can also convert rune types through "Rune Synthesis". It should be noted that different runes have different requirements for the parts of equipment that can be embedded and the peak level of equipment that can be embedded. Runes embedded in equipment can continue to be used after disassembly, while tradable runes will become bound runes after embedding. The new power brings new changes. After the strength leaps again, the demons in the dark will usher in their doomsday!

[Difficulty upgrade, adventure, and peak attribute system update]

Disaster mode, the journey begins again! Go forward bravely and march towards greater challenges! The turmoil in the sanctuary has not yet subsided, and new powerful enemies are ready to move in the darkness. Now log in to "Diablo: Immortal" and defeat the demons of the corresponding levels to unlock Disaster Mode 1, 2, and 3. Players who have unlocked the Disaster Mode can play together and experience the fun of cooperation against the enemy. Not only that, the new Disaster Mode also brings more and richer content: a set of legendary equipment has been added to the eight major professions, allowing players to unlock more BD and create more possibilities; the new set [Winter Prayer] is online honor of king top up , with the "cold" mechanism as the core, lighting up new inspiration! Adventure never stops, from now on, open the door to disaster and meet new challenges!

Swift as the wind, unstoppable! Want to control the storm and win with speed and burst? Then come and experience the charm of the new array [Storm and Clouds]! With the opening of the disaster mode, the player level cap has also been broken. When the peak level reaches level 300, the new array [Storm and Clouds] can be unlocked. This array is mainly based on flexibility and critical strikes. It not only provides players with high movement speed, but also provides a large amount of critical strike rate and stealth effect, allowing you to approach the enemy quickly and quietly, and use the burst damage provided by the array to win with one blow. In addition, when the player's peak level reaches level 300, you can also spend peak points to unlock three special skills: [Tyrant Sanction], [Present Attack] and [Golden Jade Clothes], which assist in combat from three different angles: damage, control and survival. Players can choose one of them to create more opportunities on the battlefield and defeat the enemy.

[Four new demons face more sinister enemies]

Undercurrents are surging, and demons are everywhere! The evil demon god has invaded again, and Diablo, who covets the sanctuary, has never given up his ambition! Take up your weapons, adventurers! The war has begun, go and fight against those evil beings!

Night Stalker Immortal_Dark's strongest suit, Immortal King_

[Ainlag Storm Devourer] is in charge of Disaster Mode 1. He controls the powerful power of thunder and lightning, and the electric currents are interwoven into a net, covering every corner of the battlefield. [Soul Breath Yusma] is also a powerful enemy in Disaster Mode 1. He is like a nightmare, an evil existence hidden in the fog. [Frost Silver Mirror Zeklund] in Disaster Mode 2 is an ancient behemoth that can turn ice into a magic mirror. He can drive ice to protect himself or generate mirror images to attack the enemy. [Mosag Tide Crab], who can easily control the power of water and protect himself airtight, is the most powerful demon in Disaster Mode 3. Four demons have now descended on the Sanctuary. Only adventurers with courage and wisdom can defeat them!

[Legendary Costume Eternal Judgment witnesses the fall of the Archangel]

In the name of Inarius, judge the darkness of the world! Inherit the power of the Supreme Heaven and dispel the darkness with holy light! The second anniversary legendary costume [Eternal Judgment] of "Diablo: Immortal" is now online. The whole body shines with holy light, and the outstretched angel wings are sacred and majestic. [Eternal Judgment] has added wing special effects. Players' wings at different resonance levels will turn into holy wings of light to dispel darkness and protect light. Now participate in the "Eternal Judgment" exploration event, and you will have the opportunity to get the legendary costume [Eternal Judgment] containing the power of the ancestor Inarius. Players who get the legendary costume will also get two limited-time appearance props [Eternal Judgment·Halo (limited to 30 days)] and [Eternal Judgment·Combo Highlight Effect (limited to 30 days)]. The first exploration is free, maybe the next lucky person to draw the legendary costume will be you!

[Destroy the world in a single thought and get five-star legendary gems for free]

Drive lightning and stir up storms! Controlling powerful forces has always been the pursuit of countless adventurers. With the launch of the second anniversary 3.0 version [Swallow of the Abyss], Diablo: Immortal has added three new legendary gems. Wherever the storm passes, darkness cannot escape! [Storm Dome] is a legendary gem with a maximum star rating of 5 stars. Having it is equivalent to having the power of storms and thunder. The 2-star legendary gem [Moss Thorn] can drive plants and tear the enemy's armor with thorns. The 1-star legendary gem [Guardian of Light] can summon holy light to protect you from darkness.

Before June 30, players can go to Sanctuary and complete any dungeon to claim the latest five-star legendary gem [Storm Dome] in the store! In addition, players can also claim a free [Echo of the Dawn] in the store. Time is limited, opportunities are rare, and the highest level of courtesy in Sanctuary should not be missed!

[Join hands with Chow Tai Fook to send real gold anniversary live broadcast red envelopes]

_Dark's strongest suit, Immortal King_Night Stalker Immortal

Defeat the treasure goblin and harvest brilliant gold! The "treasure goblin" Greedy has come to Sanctuary with a vast amount of wealth. Before June 20, the player who defeats the treasure goblin the most times will receive a 20g pure gold coin, a two-year anniversary custom-made by Diablo: Immortal and the well-known brand Chow Tai Fook, worth 15,000 yuan. At the same time, as long as players have successfully defeated the "treasure goblin" Greedy at least once, they will also have a chance to draw a two-year anniversary custom-made 5g pure gold coin worth 4,000 yuan. After the event, Diablo: Immortal will contact the winning players through in-game emails to communicate how to claim the prizes, and the prizes are expected to be distributed to the players within 30 working days. The anniversary gold gift is a rare opportunity, so hurry up and get ready to receive your gold coin gift.

Watch the wonderful live broadcast and receive welfare red envelopes! The excitement of the two-year anniversary celebration does not stop there, the interesting and joyful live broadcast is also worth looking forward to. Tomorrow night at 19:00, "Diablo: Immortal" will invite 8 popular anchors, including zzc啊哦娥,烟声沐,蔡,游侠YC,痴汉玛隆博路,素圆儿,太阳和科乐酱, to bring a live broadcast carnival full of fun and challenges to all players. At that time, the 8 anchors will be divided into two groups to conduct 5 rounds of exciting game duels. After each round, all anchors will also distribute welfare in the live broadcast room, so that every player watching the live broadcast will have the opportunity to receive red envelope surprises. Want to see the passionate duel between the anchors? Want to gain more happiness in the anniversary celebration? Tomorrow night at 19:00, lock in the live broadcast rooms of the 8 anchors and start a hot carnival!

[New server is now open with tons of gifts to thank players]

The celebration is open, and the new server is hot! The two-year anniversary celebration is coming, and many gifts inside and outside the game are waiting for players to get! The two-year anniversary celebration server of "Diablo: Immortal" [Gold Frenzy] is officially opened today. Go to the new server now, you can participate in the anniversary celebration and win a lot of surprise gifts. At the same time, adventurers can complete tasks, upgrade levels, and get the opportunity to draw lucky prizes. Scan the QR code below to participate in the new server lottery, and have a chance to win rare rewards including postal gift boxes, Zippo custom lighters, eternal glory gift boxes, commemorative badges, big pineapple hats and character collection cards. Good luck at the beginning of the celebration, let the lucky rewards help you adventure!

Summer is here, and the carnival is coming! Diablo Immortal's second anniversary 3.0 version [Devour of the Abyss] has officially been launched today! While the wonderful celebration is in full swing, the devil's conspiracy has quietly arrived. The fog is everywhere, and the future of Sanctuary is unknown. The battle of protection has officially begun. Can you successfully break through?

About Diablo Immortal

Adventurers, happy 2nd anniversary, may the Holy Light always be with you! Diablo Immortal's 2nd anniversary 3.0 version [Devour of the Abyss] will be officially released on June 13! The evil space created by the Lord of Terror Diablo himself – [Demonic Prison] invades Sanctuary, [Demonic Prison] and [Demonic Prison] gameplay are online, four new demons come together, the wind blows across the world with a warning message, every living being understands – evil invades, a great enemy is at hand! The forces of justice are ready to give it a go, the new rune system is turned on, race against time, hurry up to prepare for battle; the new Inarius legendary costume [Eternal Judgment] witnesses the fall of the archangel; the new legendary gem [Storm Dome] appears, destroying the world in a single thought. Can adventurers reproduce miracles and turn the tables?

As a new mobile game in the Diablo series, Diablo: Immortal perfectly restores the essence of the IP, inherits the classic Diablo style and grand world view, and reproduces the smooth combat experience and immersive exploration fun. On the road of adventure, you are both enemies and friends with other adventurers, or gather to challenge dangerous dungeons, or compete for the supreme honor of "Immortal". When the World Stone falls apart and Westmarch becomes dim, you are the last hope!






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