Fantasy Tang Zhi: The Primordial World Will Be Updated O

The seasonal strategy card mobile game "Fantasy Tang Chronicles: The Present World of Primordial Chaos" ushered in a major update on June 13! The new season "Hundred Refined Divine Weapons" is now open, bringing a different gaming experience to players.

It is worth mentioning that the season cycle system of "Fantasy Tang Chronicles: The Present World of Chaos" is not limited to the season system of other games. As the seasons change, new content is introduced to enrich the players' adventure experience, and it has some unique features.

This game world of awakening from the wilderness and full of disasters will usher in new changes in the new season. Players will have the opportunity to meet more gods and heroes, experience the freedom to construct skills and talents, win with strategy, and compete for the top.

One of the highlights of this new season is the introduction of several mythical heroes with special mechanisms.

Ou Yezi, who controls the Heavenly Fire, can forge divine weapons in battle, bringing powerful buffs to teammates, and can also use the Ten Thousand Swords to cause damage to the enemy. The Netherworld Asura lives by fighting. The lower the health value, the stronger the bonus he gets. He fights more bravely until the last moment. Princess Iron Fan, who controls the Heaven and Earth Magical Treasure Banana Fan, has a new way to use fire. She can cause damage to the enemy while healing friendly forces, providing the fire team with powerful output and survivability.

These heroes with special combat mechanisms will undoubtedly bring more strategies and possibilities to the game battles.

In addition to the addition of new heroes, the new season brings more unique magic weapons and legendary equipment.

New magic weapons, the Devil-Subduing Pestle and the Six-Soul Banner, have been added to the battle, and the number of powerful items that magic weapons can carry has increased, bringing more strategic choices and possibilities to the battle. More than ten new legendary equipment with unique effects will provide new and powerful assistance to the heroes. At the same time, the special effects of these legendary equipment will no longer be fixed values, but will become growth values ​​that can be improved with the improvement of equipment, and the combat potential of legendary equipment will be further stimulated.

In the new season, the core talent system has also undergone a major innovation. More than 20 new core talents have been added to the game, bringing more ability options to heroes. At the same time, the upgrade method of core talents has also been adjusted, and repeated acquisition of talents can improve the quality of talents. The method of obtaining top talents is simpler, and the experience of cultivating hero talents is smoother.

In order to improve the gaming experience, the development team has also made a lot of optimizations to the game content based on player feedback. The battle skip function has been added to the game mode, allowing players to enjoy the game more easily.

In addition, a new fighting trial mode has been added to the Trial Courtyard, and three trial levels will be refreshed every week for players to challenge.

The Arena has also ushered in a new periodic gameplay – Peak Showdown. In this gameplay, players need to sign up for the competition and go through the group stage, knockout stage and other stages, and finally have a peak showdown with various masters.

"Fantasy Tang Chronicles: The Great Desolation" has always been committed to providing players with a highly free construction experience and a pleasant training process. In this chaotic Tang Dynasty, every player can write his own legendary story! The opening of the new season has undoubtedly injected new vitality and possibilities into this game world. Players will continue to create their own wonderful stories in this great world!

In each season cycle, most of the development content will be reset but the card star rating will be retained, allowing players to boldly experience different genres at the starting point of the main storyline and start a more fun journey of exploration. This mechanism not only allows casual players to keep up with the rhythm of the season and enjoy the pleasure of exploration and construction; for card masters who are proficient in strategy, they can also use inherited resources to be the first to experience new content and move towards the top of the list.

Reincarnation is rebirth and rebirth. The chance to start over has come to Dragon Nest 2 Evo Top Up . Can the players find a different way out of the troubled times? Let us wait and see!

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"Fantasy Tang Dynasty: The Present World of Primordial Chaos" is a strategy placement card mobile game under Duoyi Network. The game introduces reincarnation seasons, has rich and diverse development content, strategic turn-based cards and other features. You can freely match hero skills, talents and magic weapons, and defeat thousands of enemy troops through flexible pre-war decision-making and ever-changing construction strategies .

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