Review Of The Second Week Of The Regular Season Of The W

The long night is coming, awaken the sky! The regular season of the fourth season of the Werewolf Killing Sect League has begun. The second week of the schedule has officially ended. The first round of group A and B points rankings have been released, and the top twelve lists of cumulative league points rankings have been released simultaneously. Which sects have jumped to the forefront this week? Let us review it together.

[Review of the second week’s schedule]

In the second week of the competition, many players contributed extremely wonderful performances . In the game on June 8, the player from our super fierce sect won two games in a row. At the same time, her performance in both games was very outstanding. The two powerful wolf god cards, Wolf Concubine and Wolf King, played a huge role in her hands.

In the game on June 9, Ye Ge, a contestant from Qianyu Sect, chose to boldly play the Pure White Girl after getting an ordinary werewolf card. This not only gained the trust of most good guys, but also laid the foundation for his teammates to resist the guards, and ultimately won the game for his sect.

Dragon Ball Awakening Super Saiyan Goku Awakening_Battle of the Sky Awakening Storm

【Scoreboard Release】

As of now, the points table of groups A and B has been officially released. In group A, Milu Sect is far ahead with 119.5 points. Nuclear Power Board Game Bar is currently ranked second with 104.5 points, Shueisha is ranked third, and Qianyu Sect has won multiple games in the second week of the game, and its current points ranking has risen to fourth.

In the standings of Group B, You Smell So Good ranking first with 106.5 points, the Moon and Sixpence ranking second, and the Taohuawu ranking third with 100.5 points.

_Battle of the Sky Awakening Storm_Dragon Ball Awakening Super Saiyan Goku Awakening

[The first round of sect ranking list released]

As of now, the top twelve sect rankings of the first round of grouping have been officially released. The Milu Sect and the Ni Hao Xiang Ah Sect, which ranked first in points in Group A and Group B, both received 16 league points, ranking in the top 2. The Nuclear Power Board Game Bar Sect, the Moon and the Six Pence Sect all received 12 points, ranking third and fourth respectively.

[Second round of sect grouping released]

_Dragon Ball Awakening Super Saiyan Goku Awakening_Battle of the Sky Awakening Storm

The second round of sect grouping has been officially released . Among them, Milu Sect, Moon and Sixpence Sect, Shueisha Sect and other sects are divided into Group A, and Hello Smell Sect, Nuclear Power Board Game Bar Sect, and Taohuawu Sect are divided into Group B.

According to the rules of the competition, before the start of each round of competition, the initial score of each sect is 100 points. If a sect performs poorly in the first round, it can also accumulate certain league points for its own sect if it performs well in the second round. I wonder what changes the next game will bring? Let us wait and see.

The third week of the regular season is about to begin, and a new round of fierce matches will officially begin this Thursday. Let us look forward to the wonderful performances of the players.

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