The New Version Of The Legend Of The Condor Heroes Is On

The first new version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" after the public beta, "Mei Hua Zuo Xue", was officially launched on June 13! Mei Chaofeng, the peerless chivalrous servant, officially debuted, and you can get it by signing in. The "Bright Summer Breeze" and "Jianghu Reunion" series of welfare activities are jointly launched. Higgs Domino Topup , hang up and lie down to level up, and catch up with the big team painlessly! The light social zero-pressure Jianghu, single-player and multiplayer modes are up to you to choose topup nimo tv , and you can easily play new dungeons, and rare treasures are randomly dropped. Let's go and find out together!

Mei Hua Zuo Xue, the new chivalrous servant Mei Chaofeng will be given upon signing in

Mei Chaofeng, who was taught by Huang Yaoshi, the East Evil, was forced to betray Peach Blossom Island because she stole the Nine Yin Manual. With the sharp whip of a white python and the white bones of the Nine Yin, she caused a bloody storm as soon as she entered the martial arts world. She married her senior brother Chen Xuanfeng and was called the "Black Wind Twins" by the people of the martial arts world. Her life was a pursuit of self-salvation: under her cold appearance, she hid a fiery heart – she was crazy for love, and she was also lost for love, but she never gave up the pursuit of true love.

She wears a black robe, has white hair like a waterfall, and has white feathers and bones. Her weapon is a white python whip, which is extremely soft and hard, and can attack enemies three feet away. The nine Yins can destroy the heart, but it is difficult to resolve the old hatred; the plum blossoms turn into snow, and the fragrance of the past comes. Under the cold and ruthless appearance, she hides a deep attachment to her beloved…

From June 13 to July 11, the new scripture-seeking system "Meihua Zuoxue" is officially launched. During the event, you can use Changchun Lingyu to search, or obtain the peerless chivalrous servant Mei Chaofeng through the sign-in event, and embark on the journey of The Legend of the Condor Heroes with her to see through the grievances and disputes in the martial arts world. At the same time, the success rate of searching for the limited peerless chivalrous servant Mei Chaofeng and the noble chivalrous servants Nan Xiren and Sha Tongtian will be greatly increased.

Zero-pressure Jianghu has rich benefits, and you can catch up with the big team without any pain by hanging up and lying down

After this version update, a large number of welfare activities are launched to further reduce the workload: you can upgrade to the four realms by hanging up and lying down, and you can automatically obtain double the comprehension value. After logging in for seven days, you can get a large number of rewards such as the Black Toad Compass, Huagong Powder, Regret Medicine, Bound Gold Ingots, etc. Among them, Huagong Powder can restore martial arts moves to the state before the upgrade, helping young heroes to freely choose martial arts to travel the world of The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

The "Jianghu Reunion" series of activities are launched simultaneously. Young heroes who have not logged into the game for 7 consecutive days or who have just entered the Legend of the Condor Heroes can receive reunion rewards such as the Secret Box of Enlightenment·High, Bound Gold Ingots, Equipment Treasure Box, and Cultivation Supply·Zhen by signing in every day during the event. On the 7th day of signing in, you can receive a bound Nine-Curve Pearl*1. Young heroes who reunite enjoy exclusive privileges. When forming a team to participate in specific gameplay, not only will the whole team enjoy powerful bonuses, but teammates can also receive additional reunion notes as rewards. No matter when and where you enter this Jianghu, you can catch up with the big team and open up new land with old friends.

At the same time, realm cultivation is also accelerated. You can automatically cultivate online and offline over time to gain comprehension value. The amount of comprehension value gained will change according to the realm you are in. With different realms, you will get different strengths of comprehension value and experience acceleration gain! No need to catch up with the progress, you can directly reach the fourth realm even if you hang up. It is not a dream to quickly reach level 50!

Social freedom and diverse dungeons, both I and E players can happily explore

The Legend of the Condor Heroes continues to provide a comfortable space for lone wolf players and social players to choose from. Lone wolf players can sit back and watch the clouds and flowers fall, explore every corner of the big world, or enjoy the fun of fighting alone.

When challenging "Hundred Refining Mysterious Light" alone, you can fight side by side with the chivalrous servant, flexibly use the chivalrous servant command wheel, and win rare treasures such as toad clothes and orange insights with the chivalrous servant. Young heroes who love socializing can not only travel the world with their companions through live broadcasts, but also call friends to challenge "Jade Tower Return" together, fully enjoy the battle combination of warriors, mages and priests, and continuously obtain rare rewards such as secret forging materials, high-end equipment, etc.

Since the public beta of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, we have been ringing the morning bell and evening drum in Lingshui Courtyard, walking through the prosperous downtown of Wudingfang, punishing evildoers in the affairs of the martial arts world, and traveling with Jin Yong's heroes in the martial arts world of the Song Dynasty… Thousands of young heroes have gathered together at this time, and work hand in hand with The Legend of the Condor Heroes to move forward and grow together!






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