The Stage Of An Ordinary Unlucky Child: Performing Life,

"In fact, everyone is performing. Life is like a play. What you play in the play is never your true self."


The ordinary, unlucky kid looked around in confusion, as if everyone had appeared on his stage, but he often felt that there was no one in front of or behind the stage. One day, the curtain finally opened, the spotlight shone on the center of the stage, and the quiet theater was instantly filled with people. The unlucky kid finally started his performance.

But he was just an ordinary boy who had experienced some extraordinary stories.

He played the role of a hero saving a beautiful girl, but failed to appear on stage in time for the climax of the plot; he dressed up as an aristocrat, but the costume on his body was incompatible with the temperament of the poor boy; he recited the lines of young love, but the object of his affection never looked back at him.

Too many performances, too many failures, it seemed that everything was just one step away. After being exhausted, the poor kid bowed out from the stage and walked into the audience, suddenly realizing that the script just now was called "Regret".

This is the road that Lu Mingfei has walked before, the faint sadness that runs through the whole book of "Dragon Clan", and the bond that holds all the "dragon eggs" together for a long time. "Dragon Clan" leads all those who are in youth or have had youth to cross the obstacles of space. The pupils of the bad boy Lu Mingfei are reflecting ourselves.

As cartoonist Xia Da said:

“If dignity and beauty, choice and fate, possession and loss are permanent propositions, then I will never be able to resist such stories. Moreover, I personally prefer this kind of beauty with the atmosphere of ancient mythology and religion – even if this is a story that takes place in modern times.”

Putting aside all the sentiments about "Dragon Clan", the development of the story itself seems to be no different from those routine hot-blooded plots: a young man who feels bored with the world one day discovers the real world under the shadow of history, awakens new powers, and faces the darkness that is about to sweep the world with a group of friends. This clichéd story can almost be seen through at a glance, but Jiang Nan himself uses delicate writing to cast a tone of "regret" and "loneliness" on the entire work.

In the grand narrative of the dragon clan, regret and loneliness always seem to be inseparable. They are the bass part of the story, adding a deep background to the climax of the adventure.

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Regrets are those missed opportunities, words unspoken, and dreams unrealized.

Old Tang was sleeping underwater in the Three Gorges, and he was ultimately unable to take Lu Mingfei on a Greyhound to leave for America; Xia Mi and Chu Zihang said goodbye under the Beijing subway, and only Chu Zihang showed up for the family dinner; the unruly Caesar could make many seemingly impossible wishes possible, but he could not fulfill his ordinary promise of sending an ordinary girl to study in Italy; you thought you could have the princess of the world, but in the end you could only hold on to the memories of her in the depths of the Red Well…

Loneliness is a more common emotion in this adventure. All the loneliness and confusion of youth are perfectly reflected in Lu Mingfei. We used to feel out of tune with everything around us, and felt that no one understood us, but we had nowhere to release it. We could only suppress this loneliness in our hearts, speak nonsense and force ourselves to smile, and step by step embarked on the road of growth to reconcile with the world and ourselves.

Lu Mingfei, sitting on the rooftop, carries the loneliness of all readers in their youth.

Many regrets swept through the hearts of every character in "Dragon Clan". It was the embodiment of the powerlessness of not being able to realize their wishes. It was the common pain of every teenager who had expectations for the future in their youth but continued to suffer trauma in their hearts. They always seemed to have a faint tragic temperament, which coincided with the feelings of all "Dragon Clan" fans who had their teenage dreams and faced the cruel reality. It was also the fundamental reason why "Dragon Clan" could become a phenomenal work in that year.

It has been 15 years since the Dragon Clan series came out. The former readers have said goodbye to their youth, but the memories of Dragon Clan and their youth depicted in it have not faded. One dragon egg after another conveys their feelings and interpretations of Dragon Clan in various ways, whether regretful, sad, or nostalgic. There are thousands of different faces, but the discussion and recollection of Dragon Clan and youth has never stopped.

Many former fans have grown up and reinterpreted their understanding of "Dragon Clan" in their own way. Whether it is the secondary content or the subsequent Dragon Clan animation, they are all very popular and discussed. On Bilibili, a cover of the theme song of the Dragon Clan animation can easily get tens of millions of views.

The same is true for the recently announced "Dragon Clan: Gate of Kassel". This card RPG, which is dual-authorized by Bigo Diamonds , the official "Dragon Clan" and the Dragon Clan animation, and self-developed by Zulong Entertainment, has received widespread attention from fans as soon as it was announced.

The character settings in the game are based on the Dragon Clan animation, and are further finely redrawn and adjusted in combination with the original description. The final effect almost perfectly reproduces the reader's imagination of the character.

For example, Lu Mingfei, a "lonely and unlucky kid", gets rid of the self-confidence and pride that goes against the setting in the animation, and uses a more gloomy style to fully present the loneliness in his heart, or the "blood sorrow".

Or as Lu Mingfei's "redemption", Nuonuo's image in the Dragon Clan animation has always been somewhat unsatisfactory . Many viewers think that the animation image completely abandons Nuonuo's "spirituality", and the little witch in Kassel has become a simple and cold queen. The game production team also adjusted the corresponding standing pictures based on the feedback of players.

It can be seen that the adjusted portraits are more playful and uninhibited than in the animation, and are more in line with the original image.

In addition, as the "place where dreams begin" in the plot, visiting the mysterious and ancient Kassel College created by Jiang Nan has always been the expectation of "Dragon Clan" fans. "Dragon Clan: Gate of Kassel" has done sufficient research and development work for this. Players can personally visit the classic scenes such as "Free Day" and "3E Exam" in the college, and witness the tit-for-tat scenes of the two presidents of the Student Union and the Lionheart Club in the Free Day.

The game even recreates the friendly "Night Watch Forum", a forum that carries many of the laughter and fireworks in the original work. Players can also post messages in it, or see what campus gossip Fingel and his news department have brought, just as the original work describes, "feel the warmth of home and the spirit of gossip."

It is undeniable that Dragons: Gate of Kassel is indeed a brand new re-creation of the world of Dragons. Today, the game also released its first concept PV, with classic characters from the original game appearing one by one, which also aroused the enthusiasm and expectations of many fans for Dragons.

Perhaps no one can stay young forever, but everyone will experience their own youth. And all the youth marks and memories of "Dragon Clan" will be passed on by Jiang Nan and the creators from generation to generation.






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