Sweeping 1.4 Billion Dreams, The Official Mini-prog

Sweeping 1.4 billion dreams, just to bring players the truly ultimate action mobile game experience! The much-anticipated Kuaishou self-developed action pigeon mobile game "Dream Walking" has officially launched a red envelope reservation event. Players who participate in the "Dream Walking" official mini program to make reservations will not only have the opportunity to qualify for the test, but also share a million cash red envelope! There are many benefits, first come first served!

Cash red envelopes arrive in real time, and you can double your luck by inviting friends and friends.

The cash red envelope activity to share the million-dollar total prize pool was officially launched on January 18. Players only need to go to the official mini program of "Dreamwalking" to participate in the game reservation, and they will receive a reservation cash red envelope that will arrive in real time, with a winning rate of 100%.

If everyone invites friends to travel in the dreamland together, there will be a chance to get additional red envelope gifts – every time the player invites 5 friends to help him, he can get an additional shared red envelope!

Share red envelopes to get up to 200 yuan in cash rewards! However, it should be noted that each account can assist others up to 3 times. If you now go to the official mini program [Get Test Qualification] and add the official enterprise micro friend douyin recharge , you can not only get first-hand information about the latest activities, but also join the mutual aid group with one click to help each other and easily unlock cash gifts!

Pure action meat pigeon experience, super high degree of freedom to unlock fancy gameplay

In addition to the sincerely filled million-dollar red envelope event, "Sleepwalking" is also committed to allowing every player to experience a pure action experience in the game. The unique blind box skill mechanism in the game combined with the original echo system allows players to intuitively feel the charm of ultra-high random battles! Every time players experience the game, they can unlock different skill combinations. Whether it's silky combos or smooth mowing, there are always new surprises waiting for players! There are also Easter egg games such as adventures and puzzles, waiting for players to experience them personally in the game.

The dream world is endless and the surprises never end! If players also want to go deep into the dreamland and feel its unique charm, why not let us meet again in the world of "Dreamwalking"!

About "Sleepwalking"

"Dreamwalking" is an action-adventure mobile game based on dreams. Players will play the role of "Dream Catcher" and adventure with their companions in the disorderly dreamland, capture dream spirits and sign contracts, defeat dream monsters, find the sleeping "secret", and unlock the "truth". The game creates a pure action meat pigeon gameplay experience recarga mico . The unique blind box skill mechanism is combined with the original echo system to derive thousands of move combinations, bringing ultra-high random combat; no AI, pure handcraft, carefully created art pictures, every frame comes from Drawn with craftsmanship. There are also many adventures, puzzles and other Easter eggs waiting for the "Dream Catcher" to explore!






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