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The engine optimization experience is upgraded, and the green dragons are competing in Asia! NetEase's first self-developed immersive football competitive game "Green Faith" continues to optimize the new game engine, giving you a new green passion! The fierce battle between the national football teams in the Asian Cup is in full swing, and the national football players are carefully recruited. The card pool is coming, let’s cheer for them together! There is also a new phase of the Golden Ball gift event, which will bring you full of surprises! Let’s take a look at more exciting things!

[Engine optimization is in progress and the green experience is unlimited]

The new competition engine is being tested by managers. In order to bring you the ultimate gaming experience, based on the feedback from players in the early testing and after many internal tests by the project team, we have made the following optimizations for the new engine:

1. The operation of switching players has been optimized. When cutting, players will be more likely to switch to players closer to the ball carrier rather than players farther in front of the ball carrier;

2. Optimized the confrontation determination logic, slightly increased the ball-getting rate of defenders after confrontations in the penalty area, and slightly decreased the ball-getting rate of offensive players after confrontations;

3. Optimized the defensive AI and enhanced the control of the defensive AI at the top of the arc. The overall formation will move laterally with the ball more reasonably;

4. Fixed the problem that the pause cannot be operated after a corner kick.

[The fierce battle in Asia is in full swing and the recruitment of Chinese players has begun]

The Asian Cup is the opening drama of 2024. The national football team, which is fighting for honor and victory on the field, has once again become the focus of attention of hundreds of millions of domestic fans! 2024 is a new journey for the dragon leap. I hope that the national football team can dragon walk on the field and rely on its strength. Achieve good results in the Asian Cup! As the national football team competes in the Asian Cup, the "Green Faith" game will also open a selected recruitment card pool for national football players. Players can use [selected recruitment coupons] to recruit this team Chinese players competing in the Asian Cup!

The [Dragon Walk Asia] selected recruitment card pool will be opened from 11:00 on January 19th to January 26th. You will get one of the following gold cards for up to 100 selected recruitments:

95 potential selected gold card Wu Lei;

94 Potential Selected Gold Card Jiang Guangtai;

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Level 3 Wings of the Legendary Age have been upgraded to Level 4__Miracle Awakening Level 4 mount has been upgraded to Level 5’/>

94 Potential Selected Gold Card Yan Junling;

A maximum of 40 selected recruitments will result in one of the following purple cards:

93 Potential Selected Purple Card King Shangyuan;

93 Potential Selected Zika Li Lei;

92 potential selection Zika Xu Xin;

92 Potential Selected Zika Liu Yang;

92 Potential Selected Zika Chenpu;

92 Potential Selected Purple Card Gao Tianyi;

92 potential selection Zika Liu Binbin;

In order to allow more managers to experience the style of the above national football players in the game, starting from January 19th, players can obtain a total of 60 [Selected Recruitment Tickets] through [Three-Day Login] and [Focus Events]! Please note What’s more, the purple and gold card players recruited by players in the [Dragon Travel Asia] selected recruitment card pool are limited to the above-mentioned players, and after the current card pool expires and is closed, the recruitment progress will be cleared. Managers, please advance in advance. Know.

From January 26th to February 2nd, the [Xingyao Oriental] Selected Recruitment Card Pool will be opened. Players can use [Selected Recruitment Coupons] to recruit the 95 Potential Selected Gold Card Wei Shihao and the 94 Potential Selected Gold Card Wu Xi. , 94 potential gold card Jiang Shenglong and other players!

Miracle Awakening Level 4 mount has been upgraded to Level 5__Legendary Age of Level 3 wings have been upgraded to Level 4

At the same time, managers can also obtain 94 potential selected gold card Zhu Chenjie, 93 potential selected purple card Wang Dalei and other players through [limited time recruitment]!

[Optimization of new function interface interaction in practice matches continues]

In order to bring an upgraded green game experience to managers, this update adds the following functions to [Practice Match] and optimizes some interface interactions:

1) Added [Team Recruitment] function, players can post recruitment information to [Chat-Team Channel], and other players can directly join the current room by clicking on the recruitment information;

2) The [Room Code] function has been added. Players can search for other players’ room codes through the [View/Search Room] button on the practice match interface to join them and play with them;

3) Optimized the display logic of the gameplay interface. Players no longer need to switch between classic mode/penalty shootout/free kick shootout through the settings button, but can switch the gameplay mode directly on the main interface.

[Shanghai new star Zhu Chenjie, who is safe in defense, is recruiting for a limited time]

Zhu Chenjie is the first post-2000 player to score a goal in the Chinese Super League. He is also the youngest goal scorer in the history of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. He is also the first post-00 player to be selected for the national football team. This rising star is taking on the important defense responsibility of the national football team!

From 11:00 on January 19th to January 26th, the [Shanghai New Star] limited-time card pool will be opened. You can recruit up to 300 times in a limited time and you will get the 94 potential gold card Zhu Chenjie.

[The red iron gate is indestructible and green veteran Zhang Linpeng appears]

In the first match of the Asian Cup against Tajikistan on January 13, Zhang Linpeng started. This is his fourth consecutive appearance in the Asian Cup yalla ludo diamond recharge , and he also became the third Chinese player after Zheng Zhi and Li Ming to play in four consecutive Asian Cups. He was once called "our Ramos" by Lippi, and now he is growing into the defense leader of the national football team!

<img src='×2147483647&quality=80&type=jpg' alt='_Miracle Awakening Level 4 mount has been upgraded to Level 5_Legendary Age Level 3 wings upgraded to 4 levels


From January 26th to February 2nd, "Green Faith" will open the [Red Iron Gate] limited-time card pool. You can recruit up to 300 limited-time recruits to get the 94-potential selected gold card Zhang Linpeng.

[Inter Milan totem legend Zanetti makes a shocking debut]

Since joining Inter Milan in 1995, Zanetti has played for the Nerazzurri for a total of 19 years in his career, playing 856 times and scoring 21 goals. Now Zanetti has become Inter Milan’s classic team totem and a bridge of faith connecting two generations of Inter Milan fans!

From January 19th to January 25th, the "Nerazzurri Soul" limited-time card pool will be opened. You can recruit Zanetti up to 550 times in a limited time. Zanetti training activities will be started simultaneously in the game. After completing the designated training tasks, you can obtain "Zanetti". Nettie-Snake Elf" season time.

[The samba elves dance on the green grass and the god-level striker is invincible]

Vinicius has a strong physical fitness, which allows him to perform well in terms of strength, speed and explosive power. On the court, he can always crush the opposing defenders with his body to achieve the effect of suppressing or breaking through, top up wild core , and thus lead the team to victory!

From January 21st to January 27th, the "Samba Elf" limited card pool will be opened. Vinicius can be obtained through up to 550 limited-time recruitments.

[Blue Bridge Memories Revealed and Midfield Superstars Will Never End]

Makelele is the pioneer of engineer-type midfielders in English football. He is a strong spokesperson for the practical engineering midfielder. His lateral interception ability in the midfield is extremely good, and he plays a huge supporting role in the team's offense and defense.

From January 23rd to January 29th, the "Blue Bridge Memories" limited card pool will be opened. Makelele must be recruited up to 550 times for a limited time. Makelele training activities will be started simultaneously in the game. After completing the designated training tasks, you can obtain "Makelele". Lai-Lanqiao beast waist" season time.

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About "Greenery Faith"

"Greenery Faith" is the first football competitive game independently developed by NetEase that is officially authorized by many wealthy clubs. Equipped with a next-generation engine, it is committed to providing players with a realistic football gaming experience. Intelligent AI, precise and flexible movement and tactical simulation, take you into the real football world. Rich and innovative gameplay, a unique player development system, and a replica of the real football league mode, create your own exclusive green legend. The open lobby and fierce street ball battles allow players to immerse themselves in the diverse charm of the green arena.






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