(Official Strategy Team) "Fool's Gold&quot

This time, [Official Strategy Team-Wen Kangshen] will bring you the basic strategy of "Fool's Gold"~

————Skill Analysis——————

[External Characteristics-Unstable Area]

★Practical analysis: When "Fool's Gold" has not unlocked the first-level skills in the early stage, it mainly creates unstable areas to compete with survivors. When the distance between "Fool's Gold" and the survivor is close or there are many obstacles between the two and it is difficult to close the distance, you can use top up nimo to throw a mining pickaxe remotely to create an unstable area to limit the movement of the survivor.

Note: When the unstable area is centered on the hit point of the mining pick, both sides extend 15 meters. If the length of both sides of the building hit by the mining pick is greater than 15 meters, it can be used again next to the unstable area generated for the first time. The ore pickaxe generates an unstable area, and the two unstable areas will be connected. The disappearance time of the first unstable area will be synchronized with the time of the later unstable area. At this time, throw ore towards any area in the connected unstable area. When picking, both unstable areas will collapse.

[Entity Ability – Traction]

★Practical analysis: When "Fool's Gold" throws the mining pickaxe, you can use this ability to quickly move in the direction of the thrown mining pickaxe. At the start of the game and when pursuing long-distance pursuits, this ability has a good effect of bringing you closer. However, if there is a building blocking the way between the mining pickaxe and the character, the displacement will be terminated and the mining pickaxe will be withdrawn. Therefore, the direction can be adjusted appropriately before displacement to prevent the displacement from being interrupted midway.

[Entity Ability-Magnetic Conduction]

★Practical analysis: When chasing or defending, use the mining pick flexibly to create unstable areas according to the situation on the field to create an advantage. When "Fool's Gold" uses pull, the mining pickaxe can still trigger a collapse if it is on a building.

During the pursuit, if there is a certain distance between you and the survivor and the survivor wants to use the terrain to contain you, you can consider throwing the mining pick near the interaction point to play with the survivor. At this time, the buildings near the interaction point will generate an unstable area, which can restrict the movement of survivors, thereby blocking the interaction point and shortening the distance between them.

Note: You need to be careful when throwing a mining pick. See clearly which interaction point the survivor wants to enter before throwing it. Use the mining pick to force the survivor to move.

Sacred Heart Hospital 1

★Note 1: In a map with a second floor, if a survivor wants to go upstairs or is already on the stairs, he can create an unstable area covering the stairs by smashing the wall, which can basically cause a collapse damage to the survivors stably. . Stairs are the advantageous point of "fool's gold". Proper use can greatly reduce the difficulty of pursuit.

★Note 2: If there happens to be a survivor who is deciphering nearby during the pursuit, without losing too much position of the pursuit target, you can consider throwing a mining pick at the survivor who is deciphering and quickly retracting it to create one. Collapse damage. At the same time, it is judged based on the game situation whether to continue to pursue the previous target or to change to pursue the deciphering position that has just been damaged by the collapse. It is very important for "Fool's Gold" to gain a sense of presence quickly in the early stage. The sense of presence caused by a collapse causing damage to survivors can give "Fool's Gold" a lot of benefits before unlocking the first level.

★Attention point 3: The chair guarding stage is the key point to start the rhythm of "Fool's Gold". If you can use talents (such as [Wanted]) to find the rescue location, or use your own judgment to infer the direction of the rescue location, you can first generate an unstable area near the survivor on the chair, and then go out directly to intercept. Of course, You can also choose to wait in front of the chair dragon nest 2 evo top up , waiting for the rescuer to come.

After the rescue position is close, hit a normal attack to damage it. When the rescue position is rescuing, you can use the mining pick to cause a collapse, which will not only hurt the rescue position but also interrupt its rescue action. There are two points to note in this link. First, if the survivors are not very close during the rescue, do not rush to throw the mining pick, as this can easily be deceived by the survivors. Second, you can carry [Frenzy] to speed up your own attack recovery.

[Entity Ability-Magnetic Transformation]

★Practical analysis: The ultra-long casting distance of [Magnetic Transformation] allows "Fool's Gold" to perform some effective field control methods. However, if the distance is too far, there will be a certain delay and it is easy for survivors to predict and avoid collapse damage.

[Entity ability-on the verge of breaking out]

————Talent recommendation——————

Talent Recommendation 1: [Confined Space] + [Retention] + [Frenzy] + [Trapped Beast Fight] + [Wanted]

Talent 1

This set of talents is recommended for use on small maps, such as: [Arms Factory], [Sacred Heart Hospital] and [Red Church].

Among them, the [Confined Space] seals the windows so that the survivors have to change points, click [Wanted] and the third floor [Frenzy]. When guarding the chair, if the wanted person reaches the rescue position, they can directly go out to intercept, and then use the mining pick to cause collapse. Make it impossible for the survivors to save the survivors on the chair.

Talent Recommendation 2: [Fury] + [Impulse] + [Wanted] + [Card] + [Retention]

Talent 2

This set of talents is recommended for use in large maps, such as: [Eternal Sleep Town], [Chinatown], [Moon River Park], [Leo's Memories] and [Lakeview Village].

[Impulse] Increases the movement speed when charging attacks. If used properly, you can obtain higher benefits in board games.

————How to play——————

"Fool's Gold" has relatively simple requirements for supervisor characteristics, and usually chooses [Flash]. Use [Flash] to quickly knock down survivors in the early stage, unlock first-level skills, and improve field control capabilities. If "Fool's Gold" can hit a double knockdown when guarding the chair, it can basically stably open the second level. After the second level, "Fool's Gold"'s pursuit and field control abilities will be further improved.

"Fool's Gold" can effectively restrict the movement of survivors at some points, or directly cause a collapse damage.

【Red Church】

red church 1

【Moon River Park】

Moon River Park 1

【Yongmian Town】

Yongmian Town 1

Yongmian Town 2

【Leo's Memories】

Leo's memories 1

Leo's Memories 2

Leo's Memories 3


Chinatown 1

Chinatown 2

Chinatown 3

【Lakeview Village】

Lakeview Village 1

Lakeview Village 2


"Fool's Gold" relies more on using [Flash] to knock down quickly in the early stage and unlock skills to strengthen the field control ability. Of course, the earlier the second level is activated, the more advantageous it will be against "Fool's Gold". At the same time, his pickaxe throwing and skill connection also require a certain degree of proficiency and require repeated practice. Accurate throwing in the game can bring more benefits to himself.

【About the fifth personality】

"Identity V" is NetEase's first asymmetric competitive mobile game. The absurd Gothic style, suspenseful and brain-burning plot, and exciting 1V4 confrontational gameplay will bring players a brand new gaming experience. Players will play the role of reporter Alice Delos. After receiving a mysterious invitation letter, the player enters the Oletis Manor to investigate the secrets behind it. During the evidence investigation process, the player as Alice Delos will use deductive methods to review and deduce the truth. When reviewing the case, players can choose to play the role of a regulator or a survivor and start a fierce confrontation. And in the process of investigation, when they get infinitely close to the facts, they discover increasingly incredible truths.






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