"Civilization" IP Genuine Authorized Mobile Ga

The original "Civilization" has spanned 33 years. In view of the high popularity of this game, I have become accustomed to all kinds of news about it in recent years, which is insensitive. But when I saw this mobile game called "Civilization IP Genuine Authorization" – "World Qiyuan", the dead silence in my heart was still involuntarily stirred up.

So I watched the game's trailer CG with great anticipation, and found that although it was only 15 seconds, it contained the history of human civilization for thousands of years. Following the history of CG, we may be able to take a peek at "World Qiyuan" 》What kind of game is it?

The civilization you want to see may be available in World Qiyuan

This CG gradually shows the audience the development history of earth civilization, from ancient civilization to great voyages, then from the Middle Ages to modern world wars, and finally shifts the perspective back to modern mankind's exploration of space.

Players who are familiar with "Civilization" should know that one of its major features is to advance different historical eras and integrate the core parts into the game to show players. The CG of "World Qiyuan" seems to announce to the players that they have also followed the same era to advance the gameplay, and the "civilization" here is equally rich.

We still don’t know whether these civilizations are specifically reflected in the personal development of players, or whether they will coordinate the development of all players in the form of a country. This is a suspense left to me by the CG of "World Qiyuan".

In addition to this, we can also discover from CG some aspects of "World Qiyuan" that distinguish it from similar games on the market. For example, it contains different forces mico live diamond price different countries, and players may have a lot of choices during the creation process. It will not force players to play certain roles in a certain era like some strategy mobile games. figure. The rich theme inclusiveness may allow "World Qiyuan" to differentiate itself and become a unique strategy mobile game.

At the same time, this will also lead to very interesting conjectures. Many different forces coexist. How will "World Qiyuan" design the relationship between the forces? Let players of the same force fight against foreign forces with the same hatred? Or should they fight independently? , regardless of power, just for the purpose of forming an alliance? No matter which method is used, the game will be very interesting, and the players will definitely be lively. We will have to wait for the subsequent announcement of the game to know the specific method.

The 15-second preview brings unlimited imagination to the civilized mobile game

Although the above mentioned are all the similarities between "World Kaiyuan" and "Civilization", as a mobile game, "World Kaiyuan" will definitely make some mobile-friendly adjustments to the game, so "World Kaiyuan" may be in In what aspect are innovations made?

First of all, I think it’s a change in pace. Since “Civilization” on PC can load files, players can play countless rounds in one game, but such a slow pace is obviously not suitable for mobile phones.

"World Qiyuan" may be more concerned with using players' fragmented time to speed up the pace of mobile games compared to PC games, so that players can operate in real time without waiting for round after round to get the desired results. And this acceleration of the rhythm will not necessarily sacrifice strategy. On the contrary, the faster rhythm will further speed up the time for players to think and make decisions. The game may perform well in terms of "brain burning".

In addition, when a server has a large number of players, players will interact more frequently. Such verbal communication is like invisible diplomacy. A big war may break out if the two parties disagree, just like what happens in real diplomacy. Various matters, diplomacy have become more real, and the dimensions of strategic games have been further enriched. It is not just about operations, but every word and deed may affect future development. This is a new diplomatic experience brought by "World Qiyuan".

I think the final difference lies in the heroes that players can use. Although the Civilization series already has a lot of leaders to choose from , they are only limited to the traits brought by the leaders.

From the CG of "World Qiyuan", we can see the image of a female general. I don't know who you can think of when you see her. Anyway, the first thing I thought of was Hua Mulan. It seems that "World Qiyuan" " will make breakthroughs in characters, and some familiar characters may have the opportunity to appear in this game.

This brings up another question, how will new characters appear in the game? Should we build a virtual world and let them become leaders? Or turn them into generals in the hands of players and follow us to defeat Fang Qiu? And the question The answer may not be known until "World Qiyuan" releases the actual footage.

The current CG of "World Qiyuan" gives me the feeling that it is an imaginary world with rich heroes, which covers many heroes from ancient to modern times. There seems to be many, many things that I can do in it…

What’s better than the trailer may be the future of gaming

In fact, there is still some key information at the end of the CG. Although it is only a short second or two, it is like a reassurance that makes people feel at ease.

One is the genuine civilized cooperation screen with the [2K] LOGO, which is enough to reflect the relationship between "World Qiyuan" and civilization. It is definitely not a work with a civilization title, but the content has nothing to do with civilization. On 2K China Weibo and In the interaction of "World Qiyuan", we can also see the close relationship between the two, and the legitimacy is beyond doubt.

Secondly, the final exposure of the Tencent Games and Jingxiu LOGOs shows the confidence behind "World Kaiyuan". One is Tencent, which has launched numerous successful mobile games of end-game IP, and the other is rich in publishing experience in the entertainment fields such as film and television games. The scenery shows. "World Kaiyuan", which combines the power of both, may be a product worth looking forward to.

Although it is too early to draw conclusions now, with such an excellent game as "Civilization" as the foundation, I believe that the quality of "World Qiyuan" will not be too bad, at least as a strategy mobile game, it makes me enjoy this game. A different kind of life is seen in the nearly dry field. Let us wait and see how far the innovative "World Qiyuan" can go after the game is launched.







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