"Diablo Immortal" Star Creator Cang Lan Deserv

Since the launch of the "Diablo: Immortal" gold-making plan, many gold-making stars have been born. Because of their love for games, they have created exquisite works one after another while also gaining high bonuses and traffic. Among them, Canglan, who is the "new mentor" of Sanctuary, has gained great popularity among players with a large number of carefully crafted strategies. In this exclusive interview about making money, we have the honor to invite this star creator to bring you his unique tips for making money. In addition to the high-profile gold-breaking plan, the exclusive festival created for players in "Diablo: Immortal" – the 66 Double Festival, is also very popular among players. On March 6th, the Double Festival will be launched with the surprise buff "Combo Gigantic". Transform into a giant and crush the devil to see who can last the longest!

[Immortal star creator Cang Lan deserves the title]

Ten years of darkness began with love. Canglan is not only the star author of "Diablo: Immortal"'s gold-selling plan, but he is also a popular anchor and the number one undead in the Chinese server. Players who are familiar with him call him a cute new mentor. Cang Lan came into contact with "Diablo III" as early as 10 years ago. At that time, the experience of exploring dungeons and teaming up to fight BOSS with his friends has become his most precious memory. In 2022, after Canglan came into contact with "Diablo: Immortal" for the first time at a game conference, he was attracted by its rich and diverse BD and exciting PVP gameplay, so he once again embarked on the journey to guard Sanctuary!

Question: Are you a veteran Diablo player? How long have you been playing the game Diablo Immortal?

Canglan: Yes, I came into contact with "Diablo III" 10 years ago. At that time, my friends and I had a lot of free time to sit in front of the computer in the Internet cafe, explore dungeons, and grind the game together. The best solutions for great secret realms, research character builds, and professional team formations, launching an impact on higher-difficulty secret realms and faster clearance speeds.

However, as we gradually enter society, the pace of life begins to change, the focus of life begins to shift, and modern entertainment methods gradually change, former playmates can meet up to sit in front of the computer and spend more and more time conquering in the "sanctuary" The less. A few years have passed, and I thought that Diablo had faded away with our past gaming days, but now on the screen of my mobile phone, I have relived that old dream through "Diablo: Immortal".

I came into contact with "Diablo: Immortal" in June 2022, when the game was first launched. I continue to play it almost every day, first in the overseas server, and after the Chinese server was launched, I switched to the Chinese server to play with my friends.

Q: What made you start playing the game "Diablo Immortal"? Why did you fall in love with this game?

Cang Lan: Because I have been live streaming NetEase games before, I became very interested in this game after learning about the launch of Diablo Immortal at the 2020 520 NetEase Game Conference. What attracts me most about Diablo Immortal is the PVP gameplay. You can freely match BD and use various routines to fight against players.

Q: I would like to ask you to share. Since you played "Diablo Immortal", have you achieved any gaming achievements that you are proud of?

Cang Lan: First place in the NetEase CC official event "Road to Immortality" and second place in the CC Warrior Cup promotion competition

The most important thing is that at that time, in the Dark Exile server, I played Victory Song with the Necromancer and achieved a super high score of 6669 points. This score ranked first among all professional points.

Question: I heard that Teacher Canglan is praised by players as "the best necromancer in the national server". Can you share the story between you and the necromancer with the players? Why do you like the necromancer profession?

Canglan: This is something everyone praised. The first time I played Necromancer was on an overseas server. I wanted to experience the thrill of summoning pets to fight monsters. Later, after I switched to the Chinese server, I also started playing Necromancer. I remember that when I first went to fight in Holy Miracle Song, I brought the summons to the battlefield. I found that it was too weak. I also heard many review anchors say that the upper limit of the Necromancer was low and the pvp was very weak. But I strongly disagree with this. Every profession has its own characteristics, and there is no such thing as strength or weakness. Later, I began to study some "alternative" playing methods of the Necromancer, and after constant attempts, I came up with a very smooth "control flow" playing method. When everyone was pursuing damage and armor breaking, I began to pursue survivability, such as life gems, armor gems, and the core of the undead, the "stone statue ghost stone". At that time, almost no one cared about this gem. Later, my understanding of the game was recognized by everyone.

Q: What impact do you think playing Diablo Immortal has on your life?

Canglan: First of all, because I am a live broadcaster, I have gained a large number of fans through this game. Secondly, answering some game questions for some new players makes me feel the joy of helping others. The most important thing is that I have met many friends in the game. We know each other in the game, but it is far more than the game.

Question: As a veteran Diablo Immortal player, you should have many special memories while playing the game. Can you share with us your most impressive memory or some interesting stories?

Canglan: What impressed me most was the time when I was attacking Immortals with my guild brothers. During that time, we all got together to discuss lineup matching, routines, equipment matching, etc. The brothers in the guild were also very capable. After a week of preparation, they won the position of Immortal.

[Exquisite content on Canglan specialty teaching by the cute new tutor]

Canglan's videos are almost all focused on strategy and teaching, which guides the direction of exploration for countless players who are new to Sanctuary. It can help new players quickly understand the game mechanics and lead them step by step to grow into those who guard Sanctuary. Backbone. It is precisely because he has released a lot of content that is very beneficial to new players that Canglan has become a well-known "new mentor" in Sanctuary.

Question: I noticed that many of Teacher Canglan’s works are in the direction of gameplay teaching. Why did you think of publishing works in this creative direction?

Canglan: Because I often meet many new players during live broadcasts, they will encounter many problems when playing games, such as gem matching, equipment matching, etc., so I want to let more new players get into the game of "Diablo". New players of "God of Destruction: Immortal" can quickly understand some game mechanics, so some gameplay strategies are often updated.

[The truth is content creation based on experience sharing in the Explosive Gold Plan]

On the list, the traffic password is revealed! As the star creator of "Diablo: Immortal", Canglan believes that playing more and doing more research is the basis for creators to produce more exquisite works, and only to produce more high-quality and interesting works. The work can win the love of the audience. On the other hand, because the works and strategies have truly helped players, Canglan has gained different joy, which is also his original intention of becoming a creator.

Question: As a regular guest on the top 10 prize list of the event, what traffic passwords and creative directions can you share with your creative friends? Where does the inspiration for your daily creations usually come from?

Canglan: Just doing a simple screen recording doesn’t have much to see.

First of all, you must understand each profession in the game, play more and research more, and then you can make a good game strategy. The second is to pay more attention to game dynamics and information. Audiences love to watch and discuss. As the interaction rate increases, there will naturally be more recommendations.

In addition, you should make more friends in the game. Everyone likes the stories of the union and the stories of the boss, so the number of views will not be bad.

In addition, you need to be aware of hot spots. For example, how can the latest hot songs on Douyin be combined with Darkness? For example, there are many Northeastern brothers in Darkness. Can they be combined with Harbin’s hot spots? The content doesn’t have to be hardcore, it just needs to be interesting.

Q: What enables you to maintain your passion for creation? What is Teacher Canglan’s original intention of becoming a creator?

Canglan: First of all, it’s my love for Diablo Immortal, and then it’s the support of fans. Every time I release a guide, I get a lot of recognition and help a lot of people. The original intention of becoming a creator is to make more players stronger. In addition to the original intention, the other reason is the holding of the Explosive Gold Plan event. The rewards of the Explosive Gold Plan event are so generous. Not only are there bonuses, but the official Send some peripheral gifts, I like it very much.

Q: Have you encountered any difficulties or experienced any creative bottlenecks since joining the Gold Rush Project? If so, how did you solve them?

Canglan: I have indeed experienced a lot of bottlenecks since participating in the Gold Rush Plan. For a period of time, I couldn’t find my creative direction, I had no video materials, and the number of people during the live broadcast was not increasing. At this time, my team leader would come out to provide me with some suggestions and inspiration. At the same time, I also consulted the mentor in charge of the live broadcast section. The mentor helped me analyze the reasons, such as changing the live broadcast cover, and the effect was immediate. Thank you very much to these two teachers, they have helped me so much.

[The fourth phase of the explosive gold is about to start to meet the challenges and create greater glory]

The creations are endless, and the challenges are endless! The third phase of the Explosive Gold Plan has been successfully concluded on February 29. Facing various challenges in the New Year and the upcoming fourth phase of the Explosive Gold Plan, Canglan already has his own goals. It is important for him to gain more fans and plays, but the most important thing is to make more players who love "Diablo: Immortal" stronger. In addition, Canglan will also challenge himself to try to create richer themes, hoping to create new content that players will love.

Question: The New Year has arrived. Does Mr. Canglan have any New Year goals that he wants to achieve in the fourth phase of the Explosive Gold Plan?

Cang Lan: Recently I have been making strategy videos for the series "Character Transformation Plan". Currently, this series has been made for 8 episodes. I hope that the number of views of this series of videos can exceed one million, and I also hope that I can gain something from this series of videos. More fans will allow more players who love Diablo Immortal to become stronger!

Question: Does Teacher Canglan have any new creative directions that you want to try in your future creations?

Cang Lan: What I have been doing most recently is PVE strategies. In the future, I want to try to make all-professional PVP strategies. This is an advanced version. It requires a good understanding of the matching of all professions and all genres. It is also a challenge for me. I hope all players will support us!

[Surprise Buff "big" shows off skills and doubles gems to share with one click]

The first Double Festival of the Year of the Dragon is coming soon, let’s play something “big” this time! From 3:00 on March 6 to 2:59 on March 7, players will have the opportunity to defeat monsters in the wild, dungeons and immortal realms Obtain the surprise Buff "Combo Giantization". After completing the combo, the character will not only gain the giantization effect, but also increase the attack damage to crush the battlefield, changing the direction of the battle in an instant. No matter whether it is clearing the dungeon or playing in the wild, no one can do it. Stop! The 66 Double Festival is about to start. If you are a real man, come to the place of refuge to become bigger and stronger!

Legendary gems will be dropped twice, and wonderful moments can be shared with one click. 66 Double Day is a lucky day for all players, and every player’s good luck moment is worth recording and sharing. This Double Festival adds two new functions: automatic recording of wonderful drops and one-click sharing, allowing players to record the moments when their luck is overwhelming. The recorded videos can be directly forwarded to group chats or video websites to share the explosive moments with other players. "Orange" joy, eligible works can also participate in the bonus plan, earn benefits and win cash! Don't hesitate to share your goodies during the 66 Double Festival and start your lucky journey!

The money keeps coming, and the bonuses don’t stop! The third phase of the Gold Exploding Plan has been successfully concluded, and the fourth phase is ready to go! After reading the "traffic password" shared by star creators, I believe that every creator can create Higher quality works will gain more popularity and bonuses. Maybe you can also be on the list in the fourth issue of the gold rush plan! The 66 Double Festival is coming soon, and the 24-hour super carnival is in preparation, from 3:00 on March 6 to 2 on March 7 :59, come to Sanctuary and gain double treasures and surprises!

About Diablo Immortal

Home, the eternal place of refuge! The heart-warming New Year Edition of "Diablo: Immortal" in the Year of the Dragon is now online! Buy bigo for a moonlit night, a battle of wits and courage, and a new werewolf killing gameplay that starts with a heartbeat; "Diablo: Immortal" × "Werewolf" has a special linkage with the New Year of the Dragon, cool guys and cute girls, a happy start; a fierce battle with the Nian beast to protect the sanctuary, starting a craze for everyone to grab red envelopes; the clouds rise, the sky and the earth dome, the Year of the Dragon limited national style legendary fashion [ Heavenly Palace Pictures] comes with stunning arrival; welcome the New Year in the Year of the Dragon, new servers are launched in the New Year, and Diablo’s first zodiac commemorative server [Dragon 2024] brings blessings simultaneously; this New Year, Diablo is with you!

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