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After this update, the fourth season of the secret realm of "Fantasy Westward Journey 3D Edition" has started, and the second season of the season server Land of Reincarnation is about to start! The new magic weapon Xianyun chessboard, the wordless heavenly book are online, and the "Memories of the Past" card for finding fate in the mirror is available. The pool is open, and the synthesis of Super Warcraft Keys is about to begin! Without further ado, enter the Three Realms to experience the new content!

The fourth season of Tianji Secret Realm has started, and the second season of the season server is about to start.

The fourth season of Tianji Secret Realm has begun, and the leader on the first floor is [Poisonous Spider Demon Queen]. After the start of this season, all secret realm cultivation levels and secret realm rankings will be reset. In the fourth season of Tianji Secret Realm, the young hero defeats the secret realm boss, obtains star rewards, and obtains certain season tier dungeon points after ranking in the secret realm rankings. When the young hero defeats the secret realm boss for the first time every week, he can also get additional dungeon clearance tickets. When the defeated boss is the latest one released, he can get 2 knight dungeon clearance tickets; when the defeated boss is the last one released , you can get an epic dungeon clearance ticket*2; when the defeated boss is the boss released 2 times last time, you can get a difficult dungeon clearance ticket*2; when the defeated boss is the boss released 3 times or more, you can get a normal dungeon clearance ticket Copy clearance ticket*2. In addition, in the fourth season, the squad mode will be permanently removed, and the total number of secret realms will be expanded from 7 to 10.

The second season of the season server Land of Samsara will officially start at 10:00 on March 1. At that time, young heroes can log in to the Land of Samsara server to create new characters. This season server will open at 10:00 on March 1st and close at 24:00 on March 24th, for a total of 24 days. The theme of this season server is the upgrade racing challenge, that is, if you upgrade to a higher level faster during the server opening time, you can win generous rewards.

_2021 Fantasy Westward Journey Tianji_Fantasy Westward Journey Tianji

This S2 season will continue to release massive amounts of fairy jade rewards, which is 30% higher than in S1. Milestone tasks have added some new difficult tasks, and completing these tasks can get generous experience rewards. Young Heroes now need to accumulate 1,000 daily progress before they can receive the final season settlement reward mico live offline recharge , otherwise they cannot receive it~ The number of people on the rankings this season has reached 300, and the number of people in each interval has been refined. Players in each interval can obtain more generous rewards, and season rewards for new titles. Players who reach the top 200 at the end of the season can obtain different limited-time rare titles, which can be claimed by official server characters.

The new magic weapon Xianyun Chessboard and the Wordless Heavenly Book are online, and the synthesis of Super Warcraft Secrets has begun.

The fairy family does not dwell on human affairs, but recalls watching chess beside the waterfall and bridge. After this update, the new magic weapons [Xianyun Chessboard] and [Wordless Heavenly Book] can be practiced in the magic weapon interface. The Xianyun Chessboard is an instant magic weapon. It can summon the Xianyun Chessboard to protect itself. After use, it will immobilize the body and make it impossible to control the character. The physical defense and magic defense will be increased, and a certain amount of blood and magic will be restored every second. The hold lasts for 8 seconds. Special effects will be added after breaking through 10 layers: During the period of immobilization, it will be cleared and unable to receive any debuffs.

2021 Fantasy Westward Journey Tianji __Fantasy Westward Journey Tianji

The effect of the Wordless Book is that after using the Wordless Book, the target can be sealed, and there is a certain chance that a random magic weapon will be put on cooldown, and the target will enter the [False] state for a certain period of time. [False] state requires a certain amount of magic to be used. After breaking through the 10th level, using a magic weapon in the delusional state will consume an additional 30% of energy and blood.

Super Warcraft Secrets will be released on all servers at 10:00 on March 1st. Super Magic Beast Secrets contains multiple advanced beast secret skills, which allows the summoned beast to learn multiple skills at one time, and these skills will not cover each other. It is really an excellent help for young heroes to write books and raise pets. The young hero can purchase a new prop [Book of Blessings] from the Mall – Rare Treasures – Summoned Beast Strengthening Interface. After using the Book of Blessings, the synthesis interface for Super Beast Art can be opened; you can also purchase it from the Summoned Beasts – Skills interface in the lower right corner. [Synthesize] button to enter the super beast formula synthesis interface. Super Magic Beast Secrets will not add any new beast secret skills, it just provides you young heroes with a more convenient and reliable way to write books.

Fantasy Westward Journey Tianji_2021 Fantasy Westward Journey Tianji

The limited-time calendar card pool is opened, and the new quarter of Fuyuan Golden Book is opened

The card pool of "Looking for Fate in the Mirror [Memory of the Past"] is open, and the limited-time probability of certain past calendar cards is increased. The current card pool will last until 12:00 on March 19, 2024. The probability-increasing calendar cards for this issue are the golden calendar cards [This Hate Lasts Forever] and [Devil's Obsession], which account for 50% of all gold cards; the purple calendar cards [Ninth Chapter of Rebuilding Mountains and Rivers], [Tenth Chapter] Huiyi Jueheifeng] accounts for 50% of the appearance rate of all purple cards.

The rewards for the next quarter of the [Golden Book of Fortune] event are about to start bigo cheap recharge . The rewards for this quarter include the mount [Sa Lu Zi] (can be given away), the bubble frame [Golden Flying Wings] (can be given away), and the brocade clothing [Phantom] Limited-time trial appearances such as "Ranger·Head", Jinyi "Blue Sky Cloud Crane·Yi", pendant "Flower Moon Like a Dream", etc., as well as "Gem Hammer", "Shen Doudou", "Treasure House Key", and Calendar Card Gold Card Generous prop rewards such as purple card upgrade props, [Moon Precious Stone], [Spiritual Returning Pill], etc. Upgrade to level 100, and you can also enjoy the 999 Immortal Jade reward immediately.

The fourth season of Tianji Secret Realm is about to begin. The season server [Land of Samsara S2] will come with millions of immortal jade gifts! Young heroes, please invite your friends to go to the new server to experience the renewed war in the Three Realms, and bring back the gifts. Come home!






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