Onmyoji X Hatsune Miku Limited Collaboration Will Offici

The spotlight shines, the melody plays, and the girl who follows the beat and rhythm makes a gorgeous appearance in the center of the stage!

"Please listen to this song, which is unique to you."

The limited collaboration between Onmyoji x Hatsune Miku will be officially launched on March 6. The limited collaboration SSR Hatsune Miku (CV: Saki Fujita) and the limited collaboration SSR Kagamine Rin (CV: Asami Shimoda) will soon come to Heian Kyo!

Participate in the pre-draw of the new area to get up to 180 free summoning opportunities. Make an appointment for the special online performance on March 9 to receive exclusive customized tickets immediately! Go to the theme station to learn more about the linkage dynamics and information~

[Collaboration Limited SSR Hatsune Miku]

【method of obtaining】

"The sound strings are flying, the light is blooming on the stage" linkage summoning event will be launched from March 6th to March 17th at 23:59 after maintenance. You can choose one of the two linkage characters as the directional character (the directional character can be switched at any time).

When summoning using mysterious charms, magatama, and living charms, there is a certain probability of obtaining 1 directional character stamp. If you collect the corresponding 5 character stamps, you can contract summon the limited SSR Hatsune Miku.

-"Xu Hua Summon" and "Yao Gui Summon"-

During the event, regular summons will be replaced by "Xuhua Summons" and "Yaogui Summons".

The range of SP/SSR shikigami that can be summoned by "Asuka Summons" are the SP/SSR shikigami that will come to Heian Kyo starting from September 30, 2019, and the new linkage stamps of this issue.

The range of SP/SSR shikigami that can be summoned by "Yaogui Summons" are the SP/SSR shikigami that came to Heian Kyo before September 30, 2019 and the new linkage stamps of this issue (the detailed range of summoned shikigami can be viewed by clicking on the event interface).

After selecting the summoning type to be performed, Onmyoji can switch at any time. The number of summons performed in the two summoning types will be included in the stage growth benefits and special stage benefits.

*The SSR-level shikigami being summoned do not include the two-faced Buddha, and the linkage-limited SSR Nura Rikuo, Medicine Seller, Oniden, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kikyo, Kurosaki Ichigo, Kamado Tanjiro, Kamado Nezuko, Yatogami, Zenitsu Gatsuma, Inosuke Kubihira, Gintoki Sakata, Kagura & Sadharu, Eikaru Munjin, Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine.

① When the limited linkage character SSR Hatsune Miku is selected as a directional character, and when summoned using mysterious charms, magatama, and living charms, there is a certain probability of obtaining 1 directional character stamp. Collect the corresponding 5 character stamps to be contract summoned. SSR Hatsune Miku. At the same time, if you do not get the character stamp for 39 consecutive summons, you will definitely get it for the next summons. When obtaining character stamps, uncollected stamps will be given priority.

② For Onmyoji who have achieved all SSR rewards before the maintenance on March 6, you can choose 1 character (choose one from two) when the summoning event starts, and get a random stamp of the corresponding character.

③If you have collected 5 stamps or successfully summoned SSR Hatsune Miku, the repeatedly obtained stamps will be converted into 10 Hatsune Miku Contract Fragments. The stamps that have not been consumed or transformed in this event will be retained until the next linkage. The Shikigami character stamps in this issue will not be out of print after the end of this linkage. There will be opportunities to obtain them in the future. For more linkage content, please pay attention to follow-up information. !

At the end of the summoning event, if 5 stamps have been collected but the corresponding character has not been summoned, the system will issue the corresponding character contract via email and consume the corresponding character stamp.

④ During the event, when you use mysterious charms, magatama, and living charms to summon 40 times, you can get an additional "Random SP/SSR Shikigami"*1, and the counting of the "Non-Chief" series achievements will not be interrupted (only once).

⑤ When the SP/SSR shikigami is not summoned for 59 consecutive times, the SP/SSR shikigami will definitely appear next time and the counting of the "Non-Chief" series of achievements will not be interrupted. In this summoning event, an additional random stamp of the character of your choice will be given for every 100 summons.

⑥During the event, mico coins seller , when the cumulative number of summons reaches the specified number, you will receive a large number of stage growth gifts. For more information on mico deposit , please pay attention to follow-up announcements~

[Hatsune Miku’s new skin·Sakura Miku]

In March, pink cherry blossoms bloom on the branches, which is when spring is in full swing. As night falls, the spotlight turns on, and the girl appears in a brand new dress, shining in the rain of flowers…

Falling spring cherry blossoms are picked to decorate the clothes, and the petal-shaped sleeves sway gently in the wind. The light reflected the figure dancing to the music, and the audience was deeply moved by the girl's bright smile.

【Dynamic display】

【method of obtaining】

The collaboration between "Onmyoji" For more relevant information, please pay attention to follow-up announcements~

[About "Onmyoji" mobile game]

NetEase's self-developed flagship IP, beautiful, ethereal and freehand, a classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection and development, social PK based on LBS technology, new plots with ups and downs, and hundreds of shikigami waiting to be awakened… .."Onmyoji" is waiting for you to embark on a mysterious fantasy journey!






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