Recruitment For The 4th Werewolf Spring Campus Tour Is N

Get to know new classmates, starting with a game of Werewolf! The 2024 Werewolf Spring Campus Tour is now recruiting. In order to enrich the spare time life of college students, Werewolf enters the campus to bring benefits to everyone. This event sincerely invites Werewolf enthusiasts to join and become an official certified Werewolf community, and you will also have the opportunity to receive cash support, game peripherals and generous material support!

[Registration is open, join the official certification to apply]

The 2024 Werewolf Spring Campus Tour will be open from February 26, 2024 to May 1, 2024. This event is open to recruitment for werewolf-related societies and organizations in colleges and universities across the country. Regular non-werewolf-related on-campus organizations or no on-campus Werewolf enthusiasts in formal organizations can apply to become "college founders" as representatives to apply for activities.

The applying club must be a university club officially certified by Werewolf. Certified university societies can directly fill in the registration link for campus tour activities in the university alliance group to participate in the registration. Uncertified university societies or organizations must fill in the certification information and can register after passing the certification.

[Review of past issues, college students join hands to organize games]

"Werewolf Campus Tour" has been with us for seven years and has gained the love of many college students. It has left good memories in many domestic universities such as Yunnan University, Zhejiang University of Communication, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, and Jinzhong Institute of Information Science.

[New fun activities and innovative gameplay are waiting for you to challenge]

This campus tour event has added new interesting gameplay, the game is more exciting bigo diamond buy online and the rewards are more generous! Second-generation peripheral activities are on the scene, which will provide financial support for students; the "Cute Wolf Party" activity is launched, and fun werewolves kill cute newcomers The party is waiting for you to participate; there is also the "Offline Wolf Running" event coming, run offline with your friends to run Wolf!

[Recommendations will win prizes and peripheral gifts will be given away]

The Werewolf Campus Tour event will start at the same time with recommendations and prizes. During the event, if you recommend a validly certified college club or founder, you will have the opportunity to receive Werewolf peripheral gifts!

[Preview of exciting events]

The 4th Werewolf College League is coming to wildrift recharge . The 2024 Werewolf Spring Campus Tour event will simultaneously open the registration channel for college competitions. All Wolf teammates can pay attention to relevant information in real time and sign up to participate in the event, together with students from other colleges and universities. Stay tuned for more.

About "Werewolf Official"——

"Werewolf Official" has always been committed to the creation of gameplay, striving to bring players the most satisfactory and high-quality gameplay experience and game environment, and actively develop new gameplay, including witches, guards, dream catchers, magicians, demon hunters, etc. The board has everything.

Three minutes of hilarious reasoning, you can play a game anytime, anywhere, and the laughter will never stop! Real-life operation of ancient-style Q cute villains to enjoy the romantic Broken Leaf City, there are also new clergy Wolf King and Demon Hunter joining in surprise, and more funny tasks are waiting for you Come and unlock it! There are so many advanced entertainment modes for 8, 10 and 12 people, and star anchors are all playing it. Come to Werewolf official website and join the lively game with young people from all over the Internet!






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