Sunny Day And Li Jingming Won The JOC4 Championship In T

In Suzhou on February 25, the weather was still cold and humid, but it could not stop two waves of heat from rising from the ground in Wuzhong E-sports. On this night, the national finals of the 4th "Jin Shovel War" Open (JOC 4) and the 7th "League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics" Open (TOC 7) were held at the same time. , in the end, Sacco and Xiao Jie won the JOC 4 championship, October Sunny and Li Jingming won the TOC 7 championship, and directly received an invitation to the "League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics" Global Finals.

This is also the first time that the national finals of JOC and TOC are held at the same time. The most important reason is to select 6 players to represent the CN division in the global finals of the Strong Voice Competition from March 1st to March 3rd. Among them, JOC The champions of JOC and TOC occupy two places, and a total of 8 players from 2nd to 5th place in JOC and TOC will compete in the CN division qualifying competition on February 27, and the top four players will get the last 4 places. A spot to enter the global finals.

In November last year, the JOC and TOC events jointly served as the selection competition for the global finals for the first time. Four players from the JOC participated in the "League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics" global finals for the first time, including players Han Xing and Sako. He entered the finals and achieved good results of 4th and 5th, letting the world see the strength of the players of "The Battle of the Golden Shovel". In 2024, this competition system will be continued, and following the rhythm of three major versions of the game a year, three global finals will be held. At the same time, both JOC and TOC events will also be held three times a year.

Since 2020, Riot Games has held the first global finals-Galaxy War Global Finals, which has now reached the eighth event. In the previous seven competitions, the champion players came from the EU, APAC, CN, and NA regions [1]. Among them, players from the CN region won the global championship for three consecutive years in the third to fifth competitions, becoming The division with the most championships has initially formed an e-sports pattern in which the CN division competes with players from various divisions around the world. In the upcoming eighth global finals, 32 players from 9 divisions will gather at mico recharge to compete for the highest honor of the Strong Voice Hegemony version. These players include 6 players from the CN division, 4 players from the NA (North America) division, 4 players from the KR (South Korea) division, 4 players from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) division, and 4 players from the BR (Brazil) division. 3 players, 3 players from SA (South Asia) Division, 3 players from LA (Latin America) Division, 2 players from JP (Japan) Division and 2 players from OCE (Oceania). The total prize pool of the global finals is as high as US$456,000, and the champion will receive a generous reward of US$150,000.

In this year's TFT e-sports system, three JOC, TOC and global finals will be held. The total annual prize money exceeds 20 million yuan, which has increased by more than 60% last year. It can be seen that Riot Games and Tencent are in TFT e-sports. The investment is increasing rapidly, especially when the total registered users of "Golden Shovel War" in China exceeded 100 million last year. The blueprint of an international, universal participation intellectual e-sports brand has gradually been revealed. In public view. In the JOC 4 national track selection that ended in January, nearly 9 million Golden Shovel players participated in the in-game selection, and the number of participants increased by more than 30% month-on-month. In the future, as the influence and participation scale of JOC and TOC events continue to expand, we have reason to believe that more Golden Shovel players will have the opportunity to represent the CN division in the global finals and compete with the world's top players. The soldiers competed.

In the CN division qualifying competition that just ended on February 27, 4 players from JOC and 4 players from TOC brought exciting games to the audience. Previously, Hailice and Zhang Guangcan performed the three-economy Hex game. Dacheng's "Fifteenth" was followed by the famous scene in which Invincible Sun and Moon and Cao Haixin chased Samsung Foyego's strong comeback. After 6 fierce battles, Invincible Sun and Moon, Cao Haixin, Coke, Wu Xiaofeng, Zhen Jiankuo, Hailice, and Zhang Guangcan finally won with the help of Excellent performance and advanced to the global finals. They will also join JOC 4 champions Sacco and Xiao Jie and TOC 7 champions October Sunny and Li Jingming to compete in the global finals of the Strong Voice Competition. After experiencing the regret of failing to win the championship in two consecutive competitions last year, this year's six players are also very ambitious and will fight to rebuild the glory of the CN division. Let us cheer for them together and hope that they can become the symbol of TFT The "Golden Shovel Cup", the highest honor trophy in e-sports, was brought back to the CN division.






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