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Magnificent giant ships, swallowing the sky and the sea! "World of Warships Blitz", a military masterpiece from the world's leading war game developer and exclusively distributed by NetEase, welcomes a blockbuster new ship – the shocking USS Illinois battleship You will ride the wind and waves and sail far away, suppressing the powerful enemies in the vast sea with intensive firepower!

Mobile Fortress! Show the afterglow of the giant ship

In the war, battleships were the undisputed protagonists. A number of legendary ships were born one after another, making great achievements on the battlefield and are still talked about today. The M-series Iowa-class battleship is obviously one of the most representative and well-known battleships. However, as the importance of aircraft carriers continues to increase, the construction of the No. 5 Illinois ship of this class of battleships has also been stopped.

In order to make full use of the completed hull of the Illinois, the M series has proposed a number of plans. Among them, the anti-aircraft battleship transformation plan proposed in 1946 , wild rift wild cores top up , is the M series IX battleship Illinois in "World of Warships Blitz" The prototype of the number. Although it failed to compete with the giant ships of the same era in the war, the unique positioning will make the Illinois a blockbuster on the new battlefield and fully demonstrate the charming charm unique to battleships!

Shoot freely and experience unique tactics

Illinois is a variant of Iowa. It is similar to the latter in terms of hull and power. There is not much difference in survivability and maneuverability. However, there are huge changes in the firepower configuration. The main turret it carries consists of three 406mm main turrets. Changed to three 203mm quadruple main turrets. The reduced caliber means a decrease in range and single-shot damage, but a greater number of main guns and a 9-second reloading time bring higher output efficiency and higher DPM. In order to attract attention, free recharge bigo live can achieve amazing results with hearty and rapid shooting, no matter what level of opponent you face.

The reduction in artillery caliber has also brought about an improvement in concealment. Compared with Iowa, the detection distance of the water surface in Illinois has improved significantly. In addition, Illinois's air defense performance is not up to par with the positioning of an air defense battleship. The damage and range of small-caliber anti-aircraft weapons are very good. Wherever it is, there will be clear skies above your head!

Scarlet sparks shine on the blue battlefield

The Illinois series of events will be launched from March 1st to 10th. Captains can use the Ocean Medal key or military coupons to open the super gold coin box, and have a probability of obtaining Illinois, Bao, Ocean Medal and other rewards. If you draw fifteen times, you will get the Illinois-Scarlet Spark. Paint, and perform a scarlet feast in the exciting battleship duel!

Participate in activities such as Illinois Super Victory, Super Battleship Battle, R-Series Battleship Battle, and Personal Challenges, and have the opportunity to receive ocean medals, ocean medal keys, various keys, and other gifts. After collecting a certain number of ocean medals, you can redeem them for powerful battleships such as the Illinois, Bow, and Admiral Schroeder. Through the Illinois accumulated military budget and M series accumulated military expenditure feedback activities, captains have the opportunity to directly obtain valuable rewards such as Vallejo, Vallejo-free paint, M series epic commanders, etc.!

While Illinois is making its shining debut, R-series warships such as Anaconda, Mastiff, Aoi, and Marmoset will also appear in value-for-money warships and 60% off warship return events, Level IX team encounters and team victory matches, Level IX sea survival and ocean battleships. The challenge is open for a limited time, providing the best stage for the maritime competition between the M series and the R series!

Heavy-duty shooter, high-speed battle array! NetEase's massively multiplayer battleship competitive mobile game "World of Warships Blitz" M-series IX battleship Illinois was launched today. You are invited to experience the thrill of battle!






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