The National Original Amusement Park Game "Eggman P

Dan is responsible for important things, such as eating and drinking. Starting from March 1st, the national original amusement park game "Egg Boy Party" will usher in a variety of new appearances! The new store of "Cooker Man Miaomiao" has opened, and the collection appearance is free; 4 new appearances of the bottle cap blind box, including the palace appearance Come on stage; "Carp Ji Xiaojin" comes with blessings, shining with gold and praying for good luck. Interesting activities and tons of surprises are waiting for Danzi to visit the island to find out!

New store opening offers bonuses, “Caishier Miaomiao” can receive them for free

From March 1st to April 18th, the [Cooker Man Miaomiao] event is open for a limited time! Eggboys complete tasks to obtain food cards. You can participate in the lottery by consuming food cards. Completing the H5 mini-game can also speed up the progress of obtaining food cards. If you draw 12 times in total, you will get all the rewards! Get "Miao Miao the Vegetarian Man", "Graduation Set", and various cute emoticons for free!

"Shake it, and all the taboo ingredients will fly away." The big spoon dances in the wind, and the dishes are served smoothly. The most popular among the students, "Cooking Hero Miao Miao" makes a debut! The fresh soup packets on the head show off the divine delicacy, and the swaggering The round ears capture all ordering requests, the big aqua-blue eyes sparkle with the chef’s wisdom, and the neat green uniform evokes a good appetite. Even the pickiest eater will be addicted to the "Miao Miao Delicious" after just one bite. From then on, he has become a loyal eater queuing up for food. "When ordering food , imo diamond free recharge , please look out for my window!"

Diligent in learning and keen on seeking knowledge, Phoenix Egg University welcomes a graduate. Put on your bachelor's cap and graduation attire. After years of diligent study, you finally get the joy of harvest. You lose your youthful appearance and welcome Dansheng's new starting point!

Bottle cap blind boxes are new, and the palace appearance is back on display

Taking photos in the palace, dreaming back to the Forbidden City, 4 new appearances will be available on the blind box of bottle caps starting from March 1st. For the first time, the three palace appearances of the "Six Palaces of Favored Crown Set", "First Entry into the Palace Set" and "Fengxiao Sound Set" are open for acquisition. Danzi is invited to continue his old dream and perform a different kind of egg life; and the smart and cute "Mole" "Digging" will make its debut, and will be active on the front line of construction on Danzi Island, leading Danzai to experience a different career!

The blue silk hair is combed into a gorgeous bun, the golden butterfly wings look luxurious, and the rose-pink pearls and emerald tassels are embellished. Put on the "Sixth Palace Suit of Beloved Crown", the rich loose flower pattern highlights the unrivaled elegance, every movement and stillness are exquisite and extraordinary, it can be said that "looking back, smiling and being charming".

The small lavender flowers are different from the bun, making it more elegant and refined. The snow-green skirt and aqua-blue robe body, with scattered flowers blooming on them, create a unique and beautiful scene. Wearing the "suit for entering the palace for the first time", he walked around the palace walls and wrote his own version of Baiwei Dansheng.

The crimson top hat shows loyalty and integrity, and the thin gold thread outlines the navy blue official uniform. The long robe is held up by the buckle, and the blue and white diagonal lines hang down. It is the upright and strict old man who puts on the "phoenix flute sound suit" to ask for orders to be a good official for the people!

The miner's safety lamp is above the head, and the warm light brings full peace of mind; a metal shovel is hung on the waist, but the most convenient digging tool is the sharp claw! Wherever you need to go deep into the ground for construction, there is a "mole digging" figure. !

The shining gold prays for good luck, and "Carp Ji Xiaojin" brings blessings

Give the egg a pond of koi and give the egg half a mile of splendor. Starting from March 1st, the collection appearance "Carp Girl Xiaojin" will be on the island as a surprise, wishing the egg boys that the koi is possessed and all the best! During the event, use wishing coins to select lanterns. You can draw up to 9 times and consume 80 wishing coins to get the appearance. "Carp Princess Xiaojin" and "Treasure Bag" on the back!

Water represents wealth and fish represents spirit. Good luck comes when you meet koi. The pink and white hair of "Carp Ji Xiaojin" is like a fan-leaf fish tail, shining with a sparkling translucent luster. When the golden fish scales are transformed into a hairband, the golden fish fins on both sides flutter gently. The orange-gold clothes are full of joy, carp gold ornaments are placed on the chest, and copper coins are also decorated in the hair and clothes, symbolizing joy and wealth. I saw her dancing leisurely, while the little koi above her head was sleeping peacefully. When she raised her eyes, there seemed to be a bright red koi fish leaping through the dragon gate, bringing good luck to the egg boys.

With gold and silver in the treasure bag, wealth and good luck will come from all directions. Red envelopes and ingots are overflowing. What other treasures are contained in the copper coin pattern pouch?

Accompanied by new friends, good luck goes with you! Starting from March 1st, the national original amusement park game "Egg Boy Party" will usher in a variety of new appearances, and the new "Vegetarian Miaomiao" store will be opened and patrolled across the island, with four major bottle caps blind boxes The appearance is an interpretation of various flavors made from eggs, and the shiny koi carp transforms into "Carp Girl Xiaojin". Come to the island to taste delicious food, wear new clothes, welcome good luck, and have a fun time together!

【About "Eggman Party"】

Kaka~ Welcome to Egg Boy Island! (*╹▽╹*) "Egg Boy Party" is a national original paradise game with 500 million players. Here, you will transform into the cute Danzi and embark on a wonderful journey in the mysterious world behind the blind box machine – Danzi Island. The game contains hundreds of map levels with different styles and dozens of leisure and entertainment methods. It is not afraid of handicap and has endless fun. There are a large number of cute blind box appearances to meet your favorite ones! The park editor with a high degree of freedom, Help you create a unique park map! There is also Danzai Paradise, full of imagination and imagination, which has gathered hundreds of millions of player-created park maps, waiting for you to play and check in with Danzai!






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