Between The Blue Melancholy, The Depths Of The Soul Are

Blue is melancholy, the depth of the sea, the tranquility of the sky, the sadness of the soul, an unspeakable sadness, a depth polished by the years, and the heartbreaking back of Roberto Baggio. This week, Baggio, the legendary "Prince of Melancholy", will appear on the green field of "Pro Evolution Soccer" for the first time. What kind of wonderful performance will this much-anticipated superstar give us? Let us embark on the journey together. Let’s work together to find the answers to the questions on the live green field!

[Blue melancholy tops up bigo live diamonds , the depth of the soul is like a deep wave]

Football in the Apennine Peninsula has always been famous for its artistry, and Roberto Baggio is the master of this characteristic. His football talent is not only a skill, but also a beautiful performance – excellent ball control ability , perfectly interpreting the realm of "man and ball as one". He can always control the ball with amazing stability and accuracy, as if there is a mysterious tacit understanding between them. Baggio's extremely flexible posture and excellent sense of rhythm make Baggio good at breaking through defenses with amazing speed and agility, and his accurate and powerful passing can repeatedly create good opportunities for the team. Of course, as one of the greatest scorers in the history of the Blue Jackets, Baggio's shooting skills have also reached the next level. His accuracy with a hundred steps makes countless goalkeepers tremble. Whenever Baggio takes off, all they can do is A futile save and a helter-skelter pluck of the ball from the net seconds later.

Throughout Baggio's career, he won two Serie A championships and a UEFA Cup championship. In 1993, he won two top personal honors, the FIFA World Player of the Year and the European Ballon d'Or. During his sixteen years in the Italian national team, Baggio played 56 times on behalf of the Italian national team, scoring 27 goals, and scored 9 goals in the three World Cups he participated in. He was the Italian national team's third-place finisher in the 1990 World Cup. The outstanding achievements of the 1994 World Cup runner-up, even if he did not get involved in the Hercules Cup, Baggio's elegant and melancholy back still added too much legend to the sport of football . mico recarga , for thousands of fans around the world In other words, Baggio is already a flag of Italian football, always flying proudly in the wind.

[The past time comes to mind, super legends are waiting for you to sign]

Now, Baggio will land on the green field of "Pro Evolution Soccer" for the first time as an empowered player. The game has also perfectly restored his comprehensive and balanced real-life characteristics through data: in the default point-added state after reaching full level, Baggio can be empowered The Dreamer's related attributes all received a 2-point bonus, and the highest overall rating reached an astonishing 99 points, and the maximum overall rating in battle was 102 points. With a maximum of 99 points for ball control, 97 points for dribbling and 98 points for tight ball control, combined with a maximum of 94 points for balance, Baggio is able to dodge and maneuver in the penalty area as if he is in no one's land, even in the face of fierce opponents. He can also travel all the way when pressing; the 91-point acceleration is the guarantee of Baggio's mobility, supplemented by initial skills such as one-touch passing, outside instep curve ball, long-distance curve ball, acrobatic goals, etc., which is also a guarantee for Baggio. Joe's assist and scoring abilities have been comprehensively enhanced.

For any team, it is a great honor to have a superstar like Roberto Baggio. He is a vital piece of the championship puzzle! And this week, "Pro Evolution Soccer" surprisingly launched the "Melancholy Prince Glory Gift Box" During the special event, all fans and players will have the opportunity to recruit this absolute legend into the team, so that the offense will be qualitatively improved, and the attack will be launched towards one peak honor after another!






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