"Identity 5" And "Junji Ito's Shockin

Memories continue, the night is dark. NetEase's first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game "Identity V" Relive the wonderful moments in the story and redraw an exciting adventure.

The fog reunites and fear reappears

The Dream Witch transforms into the way Kawakami Tomie looked when she was in school, wearing a Japanese school uniform, which perfectly restores the classic Kawakami Tomie look. She has long, straight and smooth black hair, tied with a white headband mico live offline recharge . Even a student's dress can't conceal her glamor. Just look sideways and the tear mole at the corner of her eye can be confusing. All living beings. The little believer next to the Dream Witch also transformed into a copy of Tomie Kawakami. He was also wearing a school uniform, but he looked younger, dragging a heavy pickaxe in his right hand.

The lucky man also transformed into a double, with his head wrapped in white gauze, burning candles stuffed near his temples on both sides, and his mouth shouting about the iconic nails, which made people shudder. His hair is greasy, his face is pale and micous recharge , and there are thick dark circles around his eyes. At first glance, he looks like an unpopular and lonely dark boy. He was very cautious in his movements. He held the purple doll in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand, ready to hide himself in any dark corner at any time.

The soul of Su Umbrella transforms into a beautiful boy in black and white at the crossroads, telling passers-by about good or bad luck. The beautiful boy in black has a thin body in a black long-sleeved sweater. He holds a huge bell and has pale pupils. He exudes a frightening aura and often gives his prey a desperate answer. Although the beautiful young man in white also has huge pale pupils, because the answers to his divination bring happiness to people, he feels safe under his white clothes.

Extremely thrilling and enjoy benefits

With the return visit of old friends, Oletis Manor also launched gift packages and benefits again. The missed time is no longer a regret, let’s relive those amazing moments together again.

After maintenance on April 3rd to May 5th, linked fashions will return for a limited time. The Witch of Dreams will come to the manor wearing Tomie Kawakami's coat. [Rare Quality Linkage Fashion] Witch of Dreams – Tomie Kawakami will be on the shelves together with [Rare Quality Linkage Fashions] Lucky One – Double One, Soul of the Umbrella – Beautiful Boy at the Crossroads In the mall, [Rare Quality Linkage Follower] Ginger Pie, [Unique Quality Linkage Item] Lucky Man – Cursed Doll, and Eyeball Grass are now on the shelves, and can be obtained through fragments and echoes.

The Junji Ito Anthology linked gift pack is now available in the mall. The gift pack includes [Avatar] Tomie and [Avatar Frame] Blood Yushu, which can be redeemed using echo;

The linkage sharing activity will also be launched at the same time. You can get 100 inspirations by sharing the linkage activity. Each visitor can only get it once.

Thinking about it carefully makes me shudder. NetEase's first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game "Identity V"

【About the fifth personality】

"Identity V" is NetEase's first asymmetric competitive mobile game. The absurd Gothic style, suspenseful and brain-burning plot, and exciting 1V4 confrontational gameplay will bring players a brand new gaming experience. Players will play the role of reporter Alice Dross. After receiving a mysterious invitation letter, the player enters the Oletis Manor to investigate the secrets behind it. During the evidence investigation process, the player as Alice Delos will use deductive methods to review and deduce the truth. When reviewing the case, players can choose to play the role of a regulator or a survivor and start a fierce confrontation. And in the process of investigation, when they get infinitely close to the facts, they discover increasingly incredible truths.






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