Spring Is Blooming, Grassland Drag Racing "Ace Raci

Spring is sprouting, grassland racing! NetEase Game "Ace Racing" joins hands with the Hulunbuir Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Broadcasting to launch a spring cross-border linkage with a strong grassland style as the theme, combining Hulunbuir's magnificent, vast and majestic natural scenery, colorful, unique and profound connotation The ethnic customs are authentically presented in the game. There are also a lot of interesting linkage content arena of valor global top up , waiting for you to experience them one by one.

Speeding through the grassland, creating a Hulunbuir style track

Accompanied by the herds of cattle, horses and sheep that can be seen everywhere, you can fly freely on the vast grasslands. The new track – Fenfu Ranch was shot in the Hulunbuir Prairie. Vast meadows, clear lakes, magnificent rivers and rolling mountains…The breeze blows and the grass waves roll. The first impression the Fertile Ranch track brings to people is vastness and tranquility.

In addition to the stunning natural scenery, the Bountiful Ranch Circuit also has many surprises waiting for you to explore. For example, in the yurts scattered deep in the grassland, among the natural nomadic tribes, you can appreciate the folk customs and long and splendid history and culture of the grassland people, and gain an immersive racing experience. In addition, Hulunbuir Prairie is also known as the "Kingdom of Windmills". Drivers can also see scattered white windmills rotating in the wind on the track, making this track more full of unique romantic atmosphere ~ blue sky and white clouds Below, the rippling blue lakes and green grasslands form a beautiful picture, but the new interactive devices set up on the track also remind the drivers that this is not just an immersive natural scenery race. The journey is even more of a race to the limit!

Hongyan returns to love, traditional costumes make stunning appearance

The new fashion – Hongyan Returns to Love, uses the traditional Mongolian clothing – Mongolian robe format. In the design process, it follows the clothing culture of wearing boots on the feet, wearing robes on the body, and belting on the waist, which will have unique nomadic characteristics and aesthetic connotation. Hongyan's returning fashion is presented before our eyes. The dignified and smooth silhouette lines not only reflect the traditional aesthetics of the Mongolian people, but also highlight the unrestrained and open-mindedness of the children of the grassland. The exquisite cutting and embroidery craftsmanship perfectly presents the authentic beauty of national culture.

Since ancient times, the Mongolian people have regarded white as an auspicious color and a symbol of abundant harvest, purity and nobility. Hongyan Guiqing Fashion chose pure white in color matching, paired with elegant and solemn Mongolian crowns and delicate beads, so that Mongolian clothing, which carries nearly a thousand years of civilization, continues to glow with new life in the Festival of Speed~ Brand new Fashion – Hongyan Returns makes a stunning appearance. You can sign in to get it after unlocking the grassland pass. In addition to the multiple rewards you can receive for free, there are also 7 exclusive super gifts waiting for you. Riders, don’t forget to check it out!

Indulge yourself in the grassland and enjoy the holidays with new cars and gifts

Starting from April 5th, riders who participate in the prairie sprint event can get a free holiday car – the Beach Walker. The thick and wide chassis, strong and reliable front bumper, and surrounding side fenders are perfect for riders to travel by themselves. The best choice! The Festival of Speed’s first outdoor hall, Zongqing Grassland, will also be available in the mall for a limited time with special discounts. Riders can turn on the vacation mode anytime and anywhere, travel to the vast grassland in one second and feel unrestrained, listen to the roar of the wind and relax their tired souls, you deserve the "relaxation" ceiling!

From April 5th to April 11th, drivers who sign in every day can receive the corresponding bigo topup reward. In addition to game props and cute little sheep avatar frames, they can also unlock the use privileges of the new Indulgent Grassland Hall, bringing the grassland scenery to life. Move directly into the garage, embrace the vast nature anytime and anywhere, and the atmosphere will be directly filled!

The S20 new season of "Ace Racing", an off-the-beaten-path casual racing mobile game, is now open. Log in now to claim your exclusive racing car!

About Ace Racing

"Ace Racing" is a new racing mobile game developed by NetEase. Players will play the role of a professional driver to participate in the Ace Speed ​​Festival competition. There are a large number of racing cars in the game, including real cars authorized by car manufacturers and many ultra-realistic concept cars, allowing players to drive and experience them. Unique racing ace skill system, each car has its own exclusive skills, the national car can also share the racing fun with luxury supercars. With a large number of real-life tracks, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of China and the world anytime and anywhere, and experience the thrill of speed racing!






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