Awaken, Your Other Side! Another World Urban Adventure J

Awaken, your other side! Another world urban adventure JRPG "Persona: Phantom of the Night" (referred to as: P5X) is now open for all-platform open beta! In addition to experiencing two-sided life in the game, captains can also Feel the urban atmosphere of a different world and get generous benefits.

The other-world linkage between P5X and "Shanghaojia", "Baidu Maps", "Meitu Xiuxiu" and "JD E-Sports" is officially launched today. Let's break the dimensional boundaries together!

【The awakening of the heart is accompanied by delicious food】

The awakening of the heart is accompanied by delicious food! The P5X×Shanghaojia collaboration is now open, and the joint snack gift box is now available for pre-order.

Now go to Taobao Oishi Shanghaojia flagship store or Douyin Shanghaojia official flagship store to pre-order a large snack gift box, and you can get 11 pieces of classic and newly launched snacks, as well as limited peripherals and game virtual gift packs given with the joint gift box (including linkage Avatar frame/business card, Future Destiny*5, Unknown Fate Purple·Basic*4 and other rewards).

Should you let your taste buds indulge in topup mico alone, or gather with everyone to share? Please make your choice. The number of co-branded gift boxes is limited and while supplies last. Captains are welcome to go and buy now!

[Start navigation in another world]

Navigation to another world starts! P5X×Baidu map linkage starts!

Starting from April 12, 2024, go to Baidu Map APP and search [P5X] to get Merop’s voice pack and map theme decoration. If you participate in the linkage activities between 4.12 and 4.19, you will have the opportunity to get the linkage avatar frame/business card, and the otherworld crystal amber. Waiting for multiple rewards!

Whether it is the impression space or the real world, map navigation is always an indispensable tool for everyone. "Do you have a desire to go somewhere? I understand, please pay attention to safety, fasten your seat belt, I will guide you. This navigation is over, please take a rest, I am your velvet assistant, Melo Pu, look forward to seeing you again!”

[Awaken and show your other side]

Awaken and show your other side! The P5X × Meitu Xiuxiu linkage is officially launched!

From April 12 to April 19, 2024, go to the Meitu Xiu Xiu APP and search [P5X] on the homepage to use the Q version of the Phantom Thieves, personas and other cool stickers and P5X black and red style customized frames in one second Get the same photos of the Phantom Thieves! You can also participate in the [#P5X Phantom Thief Dressup#] topic challenge in the APP and become the much-anticipated Phantom Thief!

There are also linkage exclusive gift packs available for free in all servers. Remember to receive linkage avatar frames/business cards, soul stones and other rewards via the in-game mailbox!

[Awaken your personality and enjoy the game’s goodies]

Awaken your personality and enjoy game goodies! The P5X×JD e-sports linkage is launched!

From April 12 to April 19, 2024, tiktok coins price in china , go to the JD APP homepage and search for [P5X] or [Persona] to go directly to the linkage special page. Participating in the interaction will also have the opportunity to obtain linkage limited avatar frames/business cards, established coins, alien crystal amber and other rewards! There are also mysterious limited peripheral benefits~

Receive endless gifts and enjoy a two-way journey to different worlds and cities with JD Esports!

[Collaboration with other worlds breaks the boundaries]

In addition to the linkage and gift package benefits outside the game, P5X has also prepared surprises in the game that break the boundaries of dimensions.

In P5X, the captain can take a city walk in the bustling city of Tokyo. After the linkage is activated, when the captain is wandering around Shibuya and Shinjuku, he might as well stop and look around, maybe he will find a familiar billboard!

Rich cross-world linkages are in progress. Captains are welcome to participate in various linkage activities, check in in the game, and enjoy all the benefits and gifts!

About Persona: Phantom of the Night

"Persona: Night Phantom" (abbreviation: P5X) is the "Persona 5" (abbreviation: P5) IP authorized by SEGA, fully supervised by ATLUS and deeply participated by Perfect World Games. The first mobile game in the series. This game strives to bring players a new and exciting experience on the basis of deeply restoring the unique audio-visual style and core gameplay of the original work! During the day, you can experience the cool urban life and daily love life of youth. After school, you can transform into the leader of the Phantom Thieves Team and lead your friends into the Soul Palace. Seize the secret treasure and experience your double life!






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