Help Fight The Kyuubi In "Naruto: Ninja Generations

In ancient times, the Sage of Six Paths Otsutsuki Hagoromo believed that the Ten-Tails with its huge chakra would bring disaster to the world, so he took away all the Chakra of the Ten-Tails and divided them into nine tailed beasts. One of the tailed beasts was named after Known as "Nine Tails"!

Later, in the Konoha Ninja Village, when the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki Uzumaki Kushina was giving birth, the mysterious masked man kidnapped her and opened the seal to release the Nine-Tails, channeling the Nine-Tails to Konoha to wreak havoc!

The ninja world is in danger, and many ninjas are fighting against the Nine-Tails! Please quickly enter "Naruto: Ninja Generations" to help fight against the Nine-Tails!

1. Introduction to gameplay:

1. There are two opportunities to challenge Kyuubi every day, and the number of challenges is reset at 5:00 every day;

2. The higher the cumulative damage caused in the battle, the more rewards you can get;

3. After the cumulative personal damage reaches 10 million and 60 million, Nine Tails will switch stages;

4. Each stage has a different combat aura. According to the aura, different lineups and gains will be matched, and the efficiency will be higher;

5. You can select buffs in the encouragement interface, and new buffs will be unlocked when Nine-Tails switches stages;

6. After challenging once in each stage, you can proceed with the sweep;

7. After switching stages, the sweep data of the previous stage will be cleared;

8. Ranking rewards will be distributed via email after the event based on the individual’s total accumulated damage.

2. Encouragement gain recommendations and matching ideas:

(1) Fixed halo effect in the first stage: "The pursuit damage of all our ninjas is increased by 500%."

Recommended buff: "Calm".

Matching ideas: You can use ninjas who have more chases, can increase the number of chases, and have the ability to develop, such as: Han [Five-Tailed Jinchuuriki], Deidara ["Akatsuki" Creation], Temari [Ninja War] ], Uchiha Shisui [Kimono], Deidara [Dirty Earth Reincarnation], Scorpion [Dirty Earth Reincarnation].

Recommended lineup:

Playing ideas:

1. Give Deidara the Secret Scroll Curse Seal [Creation of "Akatsuki"];

2. Release the secret of Han [Five-Tailed Jinchuuriki] every round;

3. This lineup needs to put Deidara [Pure Land Reincarnation] last in the lineup, because when all the ninjas in the team are at full health, the shield provided by the red rock fist's basic attack will be given to the last ninja in battle, with red The passive of Rock Fist, Deidara ["Akatsuki" Creation] can increase the damage by up to 60%;

4. When you have excess chakra, release the secret of the red rock fist, increase the number of basic attacks of the team of ninjas, and cooperate with Scorpion [Reincarnation of the Dirty Land] to develop Deidara [Creation of "Akatsuki"];

5. Just use Deidara ["Akatsuki" Creation]'s pursuit to output.

(2) The fixed halo effect in the second stage: "Our ninja's normal attack damage is increased by 100%, and the nine-tails are immune to pursuit damage."

Recommended buffs: "Powerful basic attack", "Physical endurance enhancement".

Matching ideas: You can use ninjas who have more common attacks, can increase the number of common attacks, and have development abilities, such as: Ohnoki, Scorpion, Kurotsuchi, Soudou, Chiyo, etc.

Recommended lineup:

Playing ideas:

1. Give the Secret Scroll Curse Seal to Kurotsuchi;

2. Release the secret of Red Rock Fist every round;

3. Red Rock Fist, Chiyo, and Scorpion [Earth Reincarnation] can increase the number of normal attacks of the ninjas in the team, and can develop Red Rock Fist and Black Earth;

4. Just use red rock fist and black earth's basic attack to output.

(3) The fixed halo effect in the third stage: the damage of our ninja secrets is increased by 1000%, the Nine-Tails is immune to pursuit damage and the damage received from the five elements is reduced by 100%.

Recommended buffs: "Punch Attack", "Calm Down", "Physical Tolerance Enhancement".

Matching ideas: You can use ninjas with higher secret damage coefficients or with development abilities, such as: Kurotsuchi, Jugo, Ao, Sakura [Swimsuit], Jiraiya [Youth], Tenten [Shippuden], etc.

Recommended lineup:

Playing ideas:

1. The Secret Scroll Curse Seal Technique is given to Red Rock Fist;

2. Chiyo and Scorpion can increase the number of basic attacks of the team's ninjas, and can develop red rock fists and black soil;

3. After the team's ninjas have used up all their normal attacks, release the secrets of Black Earth and Red Rock Fist for output.

3. Conclusion:

The "Battle of the Nine-Tails" event in "Naruto: Ninja Generations" is going on bigo live top up , and many ninja students are working hard to contribute their own strength! We need your strength, please join us quickly, Fight the Kyuubi together and protect the peace of Ninja Village!






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