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Everyone can find their own fun in the "Tianxia" mobile game. Some people like to search for beautiful scenery to take photos and share, while others focus on PvP and pursue passionate battles! This week we invited [Nian Wu Forget], the top player in the wildfire list of the region, with 710,000 battles. The young hero is here to share his gaming experience in the wilderness. Let’s take a look together!

Full transcript of interview

Q1: Shaoxia, please briefly introduce yourself!

Hello everyone, I am from [Nian Nian Wu Forget], I started playing the Tianxia mobile game in 2016. I left for a while due to many reasons, but because I always missed Dahuang in my heart, I returned again at the end of 2022.

I have played many professions, including Yi Jian, Yunlu, Wild Fire, Tianji… Since PvP is what attracts me the most, after returning, I decisively chose the Wild Fire profession, which has strong impact and mobility. Now I practice Number one is one of my fun games in Dahuang!

Q2: Young Hero said earlier that he likes to practice his account. Can you share your character attribute panel and some of your most satisfying equipment pictures?

As a melee profession, Wildfire must stand firm before it can output, so my account has been developed in many aspects. Over 140,000 health points can ensure that my blood bar is thick enough, and my physical and magical defenses are quite high. Coupled with an average of 1500+ knowing the enemy and controlling the heart, my survivability is basically passed~

In terms of cultivating output attributes, over 10,000 major attacks combined with over 2200 points of heavy hits and 778 points of 10,000 hits, the damage is still very considerable~ Personally, I feel that if physical professions want to deal damage, they need to accumulate penetration attributes. In addition, I find that everyone now They all like to increase defense, so I also developed 5298 points of physical penetration.

_The World's Wild Fire Battlefield_The World's Wild Fire Occupation

After looking at my panel, I believe everyone can tell that I follow the heavy-hit penetration stream. The main attributes of all types of identification symbols are penetration or heavy-hit attributes. Refining is also based on advanced attributes + penetration or heavy-hit. . Personally, I think this is the most suitable route for wildfires at the moment~

The equipment I am currently more satisfied with are weapons and off-hands.

The weapon provides 1751 attack points, 164 bludgeoning points and 194 slashing points, which provide me with a lot of output. The special skill [Lingyun-Injury] can deal extra damage, and 68 points of imperial heart ensure my survival.

The refining of the off-hand provides 101 points of physical penetration and 106 points of critical hit, which further increases my damage.

Q3: Shaoxia just mentioned that he likes PvP, and also shared his experience in cultivating equipment. Can you tell me about the operation skills or precautions for the wildfire profession in PvP gameplay?

In PvP gameplay, although Wild Fire has a rigid body skill, try not to rush to the front. You can use obstacles to block the field of vision. When our side enters the battle, we can then circle back and cut into the back row to deliver key strikes against the enemy's sharp knives.

But in the arena, I will give priority to using damage skills on the enemy team Bing Xin. This is also to test the waters: if the damage is high, I will focus on Bing Xin's output. If the skill damage is not enough, I will immediately switch to the enemy's output profession. In addition, in a battle with Yunlu on the other side, be careful not to use rolls at will. If you can successfully dodge Yunlu's water madness, half the victory will be won.

I also specially prepared two sets of bonus points and two sets of soul beads, one set of physical points, one set of chanting points, two 6-star soul beads, one with a corpse soldier and one with a bear, which can be flexibly matched according to the situation. Among them, the Corpse Soldier Soul Bead is the main Soul Bead, which can increase physical defense and life snap player id,尤其能够增加重击,完美契合荒火这个职业,有熊元魂珠则主要用来对抗法系职业。当敌方物理职业较多时,我会使用体点+尸兵元魂珠,增加物防和生命;法系职业较多时,我会使用念点+熊元魂珠提高法防。

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Q4: It’s full of useful information! By the way, does Shaoxia have the most ideal combination of teammates in the arena?

The current version has diversified professions. Personally, I feel that the most ideal teammate combination in the arena is [Wild Fire/Yijian/Zhenshi] + [Yunlu] + [Taixu/Dragon Witch] + [Bingxin].

This team has heavy attacks, knowingness, control, and output, making it difficult to target: Wild Fire's rigid body and Yi Jian's Guanqi Miao both provide good survivability, and the monster's first move has extremely high burst damage. , the control of Taixu or Dragon Witch is a perfect match with Yunlu Shuikuang. Such a team has a great advantage on the battlefield.

Q5: How does the young hero cultivate summoned beasts? Which summoned beast is your favorite and why?

For summoned beasts, I focus on defense and functionality. For example, Bai Ze, I will bring state transfer, symbiosis and various source-based skills. At the same time, body points are used to add points, so that the skills ensure the survivability of the summoned beasts and characters, and can also add many attributes to the characters.

The training direction of Suzuran is basically the same as that of Bai Ze, and the active skill of 6-star Suzuran can reduce damage by 25%, improving the character's extremely high survivability. Of course, my favorite is Bai Ze, because manual skill immunity control allows me to deal better damage.

Q6: I feel that the training of Shaoxia is very clear and targeted! Can you share your experience in training the fighting spirit system?

I am quite satisfied with my fighting spirit system. The first and fourth attributes of all stones are important attributes. The most important things among Wildfire War Spirits are war madness and basic strength. In particular, golden war madness and basic strength are difficult to obtain. For Zhi Rui and Touching the Mountain, I chose War Madness and Basic Strength respectively. One of them increases the percentage damage, and the other provides damage reduction. It can be regarded as taking into account both offense and defense. For other parts, you can choose Giant Slam/Thunder Thunder, Weird Lord, etc. according to your needs. You can often achieve very good enhanced control or dodge key attacks to achieve unexpected effects.

The World's Wild Fire Occupation__The World's Two Wild Fire Battlefield

Q7: Shaoxia, can you summarize the biggest advantages or features of your account at present, and what are the final attribute goals you want to create?

The biggest advantage at present is that the comprehensive attributes are relatively comprehensive, and the fighting spirit system basically does not need to be improved. It poses a greater threat to some Bingxin professions, especially the damage after hitting the vital point. There is no ultimate target attribute in this game. After all, the higher the attribute, the better. The more the better.

Q8: Let’s talk about something lighter next! Did any interesting things happen during the Young Heroes game? Can you share it?

The interesting thing is that I have met a lot of friends. Everyone discusses attributes and gossip with each other in the influence group every day. There are often many interesting topics in the group. In addition, it is also very interesting for me to compete with players of different professions every day. Not only can I improve my own operations, but I can also recognize my own shortcomings and further improve the weak attributes of the character. I will definitely participate in PvP activities when I log in. I play dungeons mainly to play with Qingyuan.

Q9: I can’t help but want to eat dog food! Do you want to tell your story?

My love and I met in March 2023. Ever since we met, she has been silently contributing: doing daily tasks, clearing tasks, and various dungeons and group copies. Because I was very busy at that time and tended to research PvP, so I was relatively new to dungeons. But she never complained. Later, I slowly learned some dungeons and spent more time with her. She was no longer the rough guy who only knew how to fight. Thank you, Momo, for being with you all the way~

Q10: Last question, is there anything Shaoxia would like to say to the "Tianxia" mobile game and other friends?

The graphics and fashions of the "Tianxia" mobile game are very beautiful, but we hope to further strengthen the area integration and relax the requirements for server transfer; we also hope to merge the servers of Nian Wu Wang, Nanfeng Zhiyi and Yuanju Dahuang as soon as possible to form a new server. Level area; server transfer coupons are available in the mall and are set to use CD, so that players in the unified area can freely participate in PvP gameplay.

In addition, everyone is welcome to join the never-forgettable Yiyuexiaweimian family. There are so many handsome guys, beauties and joy here. I look forward to meeting more friends here.

Finally, I want to say to my love Yue Wuyunxiu: I will always be by your side!

Thank you very much to Shaoxia for accepting our interview and sharing his story of the Great Wilderness with us! This is the end of this interview diamond recharge bigo . I wish Shaoxia can create a more satisfying character and fight against invincible opponents all over the world!

Returning to the clan with fighting spirit, walking with old friends, the new version of "Tianxia" mobile game [Fighting Turns the World] is coming! The first rebirth server is launched, the appearance and values ​​can be inherited, and the direct upgrade manual can be developed quickly to create the best for you. The best time to return; the new [Force Hunting] gameplay has been launched on all servers, reshaping the fighting experience of hundreds of people in Wushuang City; the massive welfare activities have been upgraded, and you are invited to share tens of millions of gifts!






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