On June 1st, The New Season Of Ninjutsu Posts Begins And

On June 1st, the new season of ninjutsu begins. The S ninja in this season is Otsutsuki Momoshiki of the Otsutsuki clan. Let’s look forward to what surprises this extraterrestrial visitor will bring to the duel arena!

In June, a new young ninja Senju Tobirama "Boy" will be released. What kind of strength does Tobirama have, who has been calm and calm since he was a child?

In addition, Haruno Sakura's "tournament-only" and Shiro's "Dirty Land Reincarnation" will also be introduced to you one after another, so stay tuned!

Activity information

In May, with the debut of Madara, the corresponding high-tech activities will also be launched simultaneously. At that time, students can participate in related activities and review Uchiha Madara's legendary moments together!

The anniversary celebration of Shippuden will also start in May, and a large wave of anniversary activities and benefits are coming soon! Students must not miss it!

Trial of Fantasy 3 plans to return to topup higgs domino for a limited time in June. Choose the appropriate ability bigo live diamonds and challenge the fantasy god.

Spring Split Information

The 2024 "Naruto" mobile game spring competition in-game qualifiers will start on April 19th. Interested and capable students must not miss it!

The Swiss round of the spring finals will also kick off in May. We look forward to the wonderful performance of the players!

Balance adjustments

The major version update in May will make balance adjustments to the following ninjas. Please pay attention to subsequent announcements for specific adjustments!


"The Second Tsuchikage"

gold horn silver horn

"Reincarnation in the Dirty Land"


"Reincarnation in the Dirty Land"


"The Third Raikage"

Payne Tiandao



"The Great Ninja War"

Otsutsuki Golden Style

Mysterious mask man

"Blade of Red Night"

Senju Pillar

"The Founding of Konoha"

Xiaonan's "Wandering Wanderer" is about to appear

The flowers on the other side are blooming and paper butterflies are flying!

The wandering shadow wandering on the other side – Xiaonan, "the wandering wanderer", in what capacity will he appear in the wandering world?

That’s it for today~ What qualities do students like about Uchiha Madara? Come and share it in the [Comment Area]!







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