The New Version Of "Zhan Shuang Pamish" "

After being called out for a long time, the great Zhan Shuang is finally here!

The noise of "Youta Liguang" has not subsided yet, "War Double Pamish" has announced the PV of a new version of "Yunliang Miying", which not only brings Hanying who has made countless commanders covetous when he first entered the test server More new information about the new machine "Tanxin". This is not over yet, PV also announced a number of new activities and gameplay including Dunhuang linkage, including new levels and new bosses, as well as welfare activities such as "May Day Sign-in" that can be given away with one click, as well as the "May 1st Sign-in" that the commander is looking forward to 520 activities” and so on.

Dear commanders, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to go to Yunliang to look for shadows, first visit Hanying, and then Dunhuang, and spend a wonderful summer together.

Hanying's new machine is launched, elegance and sexiness coexist!

Every time a version is updated, what commanders pay the most attention to is undoubtedly the implementation of new structures. This updated S-class physical armor structure "Hanying·Tanxin" makes commanders unable to take their eyes away in "every sense". In terms of appearance design, "Tan Xin" inherits the ancient style and elegance of "Qing Shang", but has a touch of boldness on top of it. Not only is the all-black silk outfit more sexy, but the three sets of skin-breaking and three-legged styles can satisfy a gentleman’s various XPs. I have to say that the appearance is for Kuro to understand (x

In terms of action design, "Tan Xin" also adheres to Hanying's usual elegant temperament. His special weapon was changed from the fan to the pipa, and he used the strings to blow the sword energy, focusing on medium and long-range combat. But after activating the ultimate move, "Tan Xin" activated the assassin mode, switching the weapon from the pipa to the hairpin on the head. Not only did his hair style change from coiled to loose, but his attack mode changed to close combat. "Tandal Heart", as Hanying's new structure, can be said to add a bit of ruggedness to the gentleness, and an extra bit of sexiness to the charm. It is said that dangerous women are the most attractive. Which commander would not want to bring such a big sister back to the Sky Garden?

Dunhuang cultural and creative linkage is coming, when the two wars hit the "Flying" mural

In this version of "Yunliang Looking for Shadows", Dunhuang is a keyword with a relatively high proportion, which not only includes appearance-related linkage content, but also includes small activities based on interesting gameplay.

In the appearance section, Hanying Tanxin is the main character of this issue, and Culuo created a set of Dunhuang-themed special effects paint [Yao Yun Liuhua] and weapon paint [Le Huang] for him. The character Hanying is naturally highly compatible with cultural content such as Dunhuang. For example, in this Dunhuang-themed painting, Hanying Tanxin wears Chinese clothes and fights in the posture of the "Flying" mural. She The appearance of fighting with the pipa is exactly the same as the fairy playing in the mural. Even the classic action of bouncing the pipa in the mural has been added to the painting action.

In addition to the appearance content, in terms of gameplay, Zhanshuang has also prepared the "Dunhuang Painting" event. Commanders can unlock painting materials by completing event tasks, and receive a series of rewards while gradually completing the Dunhuang painting. The Q version of Hanying in the PV is also so cute that people want to pinch her little face.

"Hide and seek" joins the world of war, and new and old gameplays go hand in hand

In every version, in addition to the main plot, characters and special activities, there must be interesting activities. In the "Yunliang Looking for Shadows" version, Kuro brought an interesting gameplay to the commanders – "Cat hiding mouse". In this gameplay, commanders will engage in an exciting game. The rules of this multiplayer online gameplay are similar to the "hide and seek" mechanism. Commanders will play the role of a cat and mouse, and Compete in cooperation and confrontation.

Following "Lu Kee Food Stalls", "Lu Kee Workshop" will also open in the new version. This time, the commander will run a handicraft workshop with the constructs. While doing business to earn rewards, you can also feel the charm of the dazzling array of Kowloon handicrafts.

In terms of painting, "Yunliang Miying" not only launched the Dunhuang series theme appearance, but also created a new special effects painting "Twilight Star" and a weapon painting "Ye Ye·Ode to Dreams" for "Echo of Arisa" 】. In addition, the special effects paint [Exploding Neon☆] and the weapon paint [Shining Star] of "Karenina Hui Nai" will also be re-engraved. Appearance lovers, don't miss it!

In addition to the new content, other permanent gameplay will also receive content upgrades in the new version: the Redemption Mechanical Disaster will implement a new boss level; the historical battle map will also add a new chain and unlock partition; the Norman Renaissance War will update the abyss The mountain and mining area map will naturally bring new site effects; the matrix cycle mode will usher in new systems and plot content, which is the ecstasy of the plot party.

And during the May Day period, the usual sign-in activities will not be absent. You can get rewards by logging in to the game from April 29th to May 6th. While enjoying the holiday, don’t forget to log in and sign in to earn money!

At the same time, the annual 520 event was also announced in the PV. The event will last from May 20 to May 30. Judging from the released promotional pictures, it should focus on gift-giving. It will also be the time when commanders release their cooking power. Got it!

In addition, in addition to new bosses and new scenes, the new version also brings a wave of enhancements to old characters. After the version update, "Karenina Hui Nai" will unlock the character jump, and all kale chefs can now hurry up and prepare the required resources!

Three major theme activities are coming, and commanders start online and offline team building

This version of "Yunliang Looking for Shadows" not only has exciting online content, but Kuro is also preparing to create three major offline themed activities. Among them, the first event "A Dream v. Dunhuang" ("Battle of Double Pamish" x Dunhuang Cultural and Creative Offline Flash Mob) will be held in Guangzhou Wanlinghui from April 19th to April 22nd. Commanders can enjoy the Feitian dance and musical instrument performance on site, and can also check in to play and get themed peripherals. Bring your [Yao Yun Liu Hua] Han Ying to enjoy this exotic singing and dancing feast together!

If you are unable to attend the first song and dance performance, don’t worry, yalla ludo live pay . In the second event, Kuro prepared "War of the Two Pamish" x Dunhuang Cultural Creation's collaborative dance "Dance Dream" for the commanders. "Millennium", this dance will be launched online in the future, providing an online dance performance for commanders who are unable to participate in the "A Dream v. Dunhuang" pop-up event.

The third event is the participation of Firefly Comic Exhibition. "Warring Double Pamish" announced the news of Firefly's participation in the exhibition today. At the Firefly Comic Exhibition from May 1st to 4th, "Zhanshuang Pamish" will welcome commanders in Hall B07 No. 4. There will be many interesting activities and peripheral benefits at this event, and Kuro even hinted that a mysterious guest will be visiting! Commanders can open their address book to assemble their own tactical team for the event.


To sum up, this new version of "Zhan Shuang Pamish" can be said to be full of content. In addition to the new characters and version activities that everyone is most concerned about, the past gameplay content has also been further enriched. I haven’t mourned the end of the current version for a moment. The next one to rush to the battlefield is Hanying’s graceful figure (bushi). I really can’t stay in this version for a moment~






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