"Torchlight Infinite" Season Preview Live Broa

As early as March 29, "Torchlight: Infinite" officially announced the news that "SS4 Season Twist will officially start at 10:00 on April 19", and released a first PV about SS4 . But only one PV cannot satisfy the appetite of all Torch Unlimited players, so the official will still start the season preview live broadcast before the season goes online.

This season preview live broadcast of "Story in the Twist" is scheduled to start at 19:00 on April 13th, which is tomorrow night!

According to the existing information, we know that players will encounter mysterious "residents" from the Fog City in the new season of the alien world, and have the opportunity to go to the Fog City to experience various strange events… As the Torch Infinite Forward Live Broadcast The resident host of "Dark Crow Akuan" fichas honor of kings also posted in the community:

"This time, I survived in the foggy city for 7 days, which seems to be a good result. I hope the hunters can survive in the foggy city for longer! In the foggy city, I met a strange man who called himself "Detective Z" Woman, grab me and say a lot… I vaguely remember mentioning things like "season play", "catalyst", "cat"…"

It is not difficult to see from the information he revealed that this "Detective Z" will be an important figure in this preview live broadcast. From the information revealed in her mouth, it can be inferred that the new "season gameplay" and the new mechanism "catalyst" And the new hero "Cat" will be revealed by this mysterious detective. Maybe we can also see this detective lady appear in the live broadcast by then, just like the two dream ladies in the last preview live broadcast.

In addition to the fixed introduction of the new season content, the roundtable discussion session in this live broadcast will also continue the tradition, inviting guests to chat about the new season. Many players still remember the last "Twin Nightmares" season preview live broadcast, and there is no other reason – at that time, Torch Unlimited officially invited "POE's Favored Loneliness" and "Call Me Little Binzai" to perform in the dark Like Anchors who are quite popular in the industry, they also served as player representatives and raised many issues of urgent concern to players during the Q&A session.

And this time, in addition to the old friend "POE Favored Loneliness" who will still appear on the live broadcast, Torch Infinite also invited the more famous and well-known dark anchor "Edison Plays Games"! As a well-known dark anchor in the Chinese circle, Edison He is already a veteran player of Torch Unlimited. Every time a new season is updated, he will quickly launch relevant video strategies and share his unique experience. And now, he will also come to the scene as a guest of "Ghost Stories in the Fog" to interpret the ghost stories in the fog for players and dig out more details to be discovered in the new season. It is really exciting!

Whether it is new mechanisms, new heroes, new equipment or new guests, all new information will be revealed in the "Ghost Story" season preview live broadcast at 19:00 tomorrow night. At that time, interested players can go to the official live broadcast room through the following channels to watch the preview live broadcast of this season!







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