"Eggman Party" X Zan Meng Ruby Collaboration W

The exquisite stage was set up, and a wave of cheers arose passionately. The collaboration between the national original amusement park game "Eggman Party " ?Go to the island immediately to start your exciting journey and perform your own party shining moment!

The top class is here! Pink crit is super exciting

With its small ears, delicate fur, cute bean eyes and snow-white teeth, the pink beaver appears on Danzi Island! No need for any makeup embellishment top bigo , as long as the female star "Zan Meng Ruby" comes to visit, Eggboys will be irresistibly smitten by its cuteness. Although a naive face and a soft and healing smile are the standard features of a top-notch business; the humorous expressions and movements and the "beautiful" mental state are the real charm of the "life performing artist". Let’s see how “Lovely Ruby” conquers the party carnival arena and the beating hearts of the egg boys!

The black semi-translucent lenses cannot conceal the top-notch charm, and the pink heart frames highlight the elegance. As the most popular daily essential fashion item in street photography, the strength of "Zan Meng Ruby Glasses" in the fashion industry cannot be underestimated.

The chubby and cute face touches the soul directly, and the innocent look is full of healing energy. Can't resist your love for Zanmoe Ruby? Then carry the "Zanmoe Ruby Coin Purse" with you and keep this love with you!

The soft leather material is strong and durable, and the metal buckle and exquisite wiring add a retro style. It is also embellished with Zanmoe Ruby spray painting and pink hanging accessories. The "Zanmoe Ruby Backpack", a college-style item of the ever-changing female star, is about to become popular. All over the island!

Pink berets can also become charming with the image of female celebrities. The soft short velvet is soft and delicate to the touch, and the elegant round ears and silly fur are perfect for cuteness. It is also vividly equipped with the adorable expression of cute Ruby, which will make your heart fall in love with just one glance!

Shine on the stage! Actresses’ daily secrets revealed

Want to get a closer look at the daily work of top actresses? From April 3rd to 24th, Danzai Island’s main city will update the Zanmeng Ruby linkage area, waiting for Danzai to come and have close contact with Zanmeng Ruby and feel the top The fulfilling life of a popular female star! The hollow love check-in wall not only awakens the hearts of pink girls, but also allows you to personally perform the classic photo-taking action of cute Ruby. Collecting four egg boys to check in at the same time can also trigger a surprise easter egg!

On the "Praise Monroe Stage" aside, there are more daily revelations about female stars. Wearing a facial mask and taking a nap secretly, or sipping a refreshing drink…these are not about taking chances, but about getting better at work. If Danzi uses props or skills to impress Zan Meng Ruby, you will see another side of the female star's business, whether she sings and dances well on the stage, passionately sells goods in front of the camera, or interacts intimately with the live broadcast audience, everything is easy to understand. No problem!

Let go of your mental baggage and enjoy your free time. From April 3rd to 24th, the national original amusement park game "Eggman Party" Express yourself in a carnival style and become the top star of Eggboy Island!

【About "Eggman Party"】

Kaka~ Welcome to Egg Boy Island! (*╹▽╹*) "Egg Boy Party" is a national original paradise game with 500 million players. Here, you will transform into the cute Danzi and embark on a wonderful journey in the mysterious world behind the blind box machine – Danzi Island. The game contains hundreds of map levels with different styles and dozens of leisure and entertainment methods. It is not afraid of handicap and has endless fun. There are a large number of cute blind box appearances to meet your favorite ones! The park editor with a high degree of freedom, Help you create a unique park map! There is also Danzai Paradise, full of imagination and imagination, which has gathered hundreds of millions of player-created park maps, waiting for you to play and check in with Danzai!






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