"Call Of Duty Mobile" Has Three Limited-time &

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Receive challenge tasks

There are a wide variety of challenge tasks in this event, meeting the various needs of game enthusiasts with different abilities. Whether it is a teaching ability challenge, an active improvement challenge, a strength challenge, a content creation challenge, etc., everyone can find a challenge that suits them. Moreover, the rewards for each task are very generous momo topup , and you will definitely gain a lot after completing the challenge.

"Call of Duty Mobile" tutors teach bounty tasks. For every successful club, the player can get a 50 yuan cash reward, with no upper limit. This is undoubtedly a huge temptation for mentor game enthusiasts who are keen to share gaming experiences and skills.

"Honor of Kings" has three limited-time "Five Kills" bounty missions, and you can get a cash reward of 1,000 yuan. Such strength challenge tasks allow gamers to show their talents in the game and win corresponding rewards.

Author-type gamers who have the ability to create pictures, texts, and videos can also be used! The Gamer Club is soliciting "positive experience" graphic content bigo live buy from all gamers to share their interesting experiences, game strategies, and clubs For operational experience and other content, you can get up to 100 points + 200 yuan in cash rewards.

The reward mechanism of this event is very flexible. Cash rewards can be stacked, and point rewards can be redeemed for physical items or JD cards. This means that everyone can flexibly choose the reward method according to their own preferences and needs.

At the same time, there is also a hot activity going on, and there is also the Gamer Star Points Ranking Competition!

Gamer Xingyao Points Ranking Competition has officially started. Participating in the points ranking competition can get up to 888 yuan in cash rewards every week.

Points earned during the event can be redeemed for rewards in the Points Mall. The number of prizes is limited, first come first served!

You can also participate in the points lottery. Jingdong Card and Tencent Video membership are waiting for you to win. Come and see how lucky you are~

"Gamers Play and Earn Season" provides all game lovers with a brand new gaming experience. Here, you can not only enjoy the game, but also earn cash and points by completing challenging tasks. If you are also a game enthusiast and are interested in registering/certifying gamers and participating in challenges, come to Xinyue Club App to participate in activities and win generous rewards!






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