The Long Night Is Coming, The Sky Awakens! The Third Sea

The long night is coming, the sky is awakening! The third season of the Werewolf Sect League has officially come to an end. After various sects went through layers of selection, 12 sects successfully advanced to the finals and gained league season points. In the end, my super fierce sect won the championship glory in the third season.

[The finals come to an end, and my super fierce sect wins the championship]

The third season of the Werewolf Sect League has come to a successful conclusion, and our super fierce sect finally won the championship. In this competition, our super ferocious sect maintained steady performance in the finals. With excellent logic and excellent thinking, we successfully won the championship glory and accumulated a large number of league points for our sect.

Qianyu Pai player ycy won the best of the match three times throughout the entire schedule and successfully won the personal best honor this season.

[Finals standings released]

The Werewolf Sect League·Season 3 Finals standings were officially released. Our super fierce sect ranked first with 118 points. According to the rules of the competition, the champion our super fierce sect will receive a 90-point league point bonus.

Fairy Tale Sect successfully won the runner-up with 109 points and received a 70-point league point bonus.

Nuclear Power Board Game Bar won the third place with 107 points and received a 50-point league point bonus; the remaining top eight sects also received corresponding point bonuses.

After accumulating league points for two seasons, the top five sects in the overall ranking will directly advance to the Werewolf Hero League finals! Which sects can win the championship in the fourth season and directly lock in the finals?

[The fourth season is coming]

The Werewolf Sect League·The fourth season is coming mico online recharge , the registration for the qualifiers has officially opened, and the battle for the "strongest sect" is about to begin! The registration for this qualifier will be from April 5 to April 11, 2024 Uplive recharge diamonds will be held during the period. The first week of competition will officially start on April 19th. Sect red envelopes-luxury lucky bags, five-star fashions, and exclusive titles are waiting for you!

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