"Eggboy Party" X's First In-depth Cooperat

Baa baa again baa baa, so cute. Encounter the heart-pounding attraction on the outing, the national original amusement park game "Egg Boy Party" The 4 exclusive appearances of "Eggman's Party" are officially unveiled. Which one can successfully go to the island will be decided by the votes of the Eggmans!

If a lovely smell could be embodied, it would definitely be floral and fruity. Based on the "Princess of the Strawberry Realm" pink and white strawberries, the "Strawberry" awakens good memories of spring with its fresh and attractive sweetness. The pink gradient color scheme is perfect for the soft and waxy look, and the strawberry seed-speckled shorts add to the playfulness and agility. A few fresh daisies are pinned between the hats, and the breath of spring instantly hits your face!

The duck prophet of Chunjiang Plumbing, follow the footsteps of Yaya imo diamond price in pakistan and go on a healing outing together! Based on the obedient and lively little yellow duck, "Yaya" is an optimist who loves traveling. Wearing a bright little yellow duck hat and classic and childlike blue overalls, with cute little ducks flying happily on the chest, and little red flowers blooming brightly on the collar, the carefree appearance always awakens vitality. Full. A new journey has begun. Will its next stop be Egg Boy Island?

Love is a blazing romance and a fiery passion. "Firebird" is based on the free and easy flamingo, extracts the classic pink feather color and elegant fashion aura, and designs a unique sun hat and inflatable swimming ring. The light orange diving goggles and swimming trunks add to the brightness of the sun, while the contrasting mint green sandals are the finishing touch, creating a unique refreshing feeling of water and inviting Danzi to go to the summer carnival together!

Stepping into the mysterious tropical rainforest, you can hear the crisp croaking of frogs in the distance, and your summer adventure partner "Frog" makes a shining appearance! The cute frog hat on your head blocks the scorching sun, and your big watery eyes are full of vitality. The yellow adventure jacket is warm and scratch-resistant, and the green waterproof boots are lightweight and sturdy, just right for exploring the wonders. The four-leaf clover on the chest carries good wishes and brings you good luck. If you have it with you on summer nights full of surprises, you won’t be lonely on the journey!

Four characters with different personalities and unique characteristics are already in place, waiting for you to cheer for your favorite one. Participate in the voting and you can get cheering toys!

The cute storm is coming, and Mea is waiting for your help! Starting from April 13th, the national original amusement park game "Eggman Party" Vote and look forward to a summer spent with Minxuan!

【About "Eggman Party"】

Kaka~ Welcome to Egg Boy Island! (*╹▽╹*) "Egg Boy Party" is a national original paradise game with 500 million players. Here, you will transform into the cute Danzi and embark on a wonderful journey in the mysterious world behind the blind box machine – Danzi Island. The game contains hundreds of map levels with different styles and dozens of leisure and entertainment methods. It is not afraid of handicap and has endless fun. There are a large number of cute blind box appearances to meet your favorite ones! The park editor with high degree of freedom, Help you create a unique park map! There is also Danzai Paradise, full of imagination and imagination, which has gathered hundreds of millions of player-created park maps, waiting for you to play and check in with Danzai!






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